I’ve been friends with colleague Sean Wray for quite a few years. He’s a great businessman, heck of a nice guy, and he’s prior Army… we all get one strike, right? While Sean lives in Evansville, Indiana, he has family up in Indianapolis and we get to meet quite a few times throughout the year. I always take the time because it’s always a great conversation with good people.

Sean mentioned that his nephew had graduated from Taylor University and was already recognized for his videography with a couple of Emmys. Yes, you read that correctly… Emmys. It didn’t take long for the team of AJ and his wife to start doing work for our clients and our office (that’s his amazing work you see on the home page here at DK New Media).

What AJ didn’t have, though, was branding for his business. I worked through the company’s voice and image and we scribbled down a few different ideas. I then handed it over to our amazing creative team, and after a few iterations, they knocked it out of the park.

Sometimes it’s the simplest of logos that reveal the most about a company, this is one of those logos:

Ablog Cinema

If you’re looking for an amazing team, be sure to contact Ablog Cinema. If he’s not too busy with our clients, I know he’d love to hear from you!