At the end of 2015, I had the pleasure of meeting Ellen Dunnigan, President and CEO of Accent On Business, an executive presence and public speaking advisory firm. I was immediately impressed with the way she talked, dressed and presented herself. I remember saying to myself, “Wow. I want to be able to carry myself that way.” Little did I know at the time that she, in fact, worked with individuals on doing just that: building, honing and crafting their unique professional image.

I began working with her and was shocked with what I had learned about myself and the mannerisms that could be affecting how people perceived me. Within a few short months, my executive presence was already taking shape. Ellen was a pivotal part of helping me identify where I could improve and enhance.

Then I met my coach Alexandra Rufatto-Perry, the Director of Public Speaking and Professional Presence at Accent On Business. As a trained speech pathologist, she brought something completely new to the table and a uniquely captivating perspective that I knew could bring me to the next level. Alexandra is a critical component of my professional development; sometimes, I think of her as my fairy godmother protecting me from image faux pas. This year, I emceed a marketing conference of 300 people. I couldn’t even imagine doing so effectively without her help and guidance.

What truly makes Accent On Business different from other public speaking advisory firms is they are experts in communication and the brain science behind executive presence; by understanding the neurology behind how we are perceived, they can provide individualized services for each client.

Accent On Business shows people how to say what it is that they need or want to say while looking and feeling their confident and influential best.

As I’ve been going through this process, there has been so much information to absorb; it’s fascinating! That’s why we decided to create an infographic that comprehensively detailed the three elements of executive presence and how you can use them to turn up your influence in the workplace.

If you’re interested in learning more about Accent On Business or scheduling a consultation with them, visit their website now. I highly recommend it! They’re changing my life for the better.

Accent On Business Turn Up Your Influence With Science-Based Executive Presence Infographic