DK New Media and Highbridge

Many of my friends had already heard the news about Highbridge, but I wanted to formalize the announcement here. A few years ago, I started working aside a couple of Salesforce partners to assist their clients with developing strategies to fully leverage Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and their other platforms. We [...]

Rainmakers Virtual Roundtable: How Do You Revamp Your Marketing In Light of COVID-19?

The folks at Rainmakers have been amazing to work with over the years for the Indianapolis business community. They attract professional business people and sales people from all industries. They're entrepreneurial and continue to educate and add value to their members by bringing in external speakers. I'm lucky enough to [...]

Douglas Launches Roche’s Digital Marketing Workshop with Butler University

It's been months in development, but proud to announce that I'll be teaching a digital marketing workshop on a regular basis to Roche's marketing team. The course was developed in coordination between Roche's Corporate Training Team, Butler's Corporate Education Department, Roche's Marketing Leadership and myself. Roche does an amazing job [...]