What are you missing out on when you just buy a website? There are quite a few of them:

  • Will your website be easy to manage once you’ve made the purchase?
  • Will everything that worked previously for users on your old site work with your new site?
  • Will the new site be faster, rank better, and achieve better conversions after your launch it?

Well, if you buy a website, these questions are not only not asked, the answer is unfortunately no. We’ve worked on hundreds of sites for our clients. Most of them come to use not only because the site doesn’t perform well, but they can’t actually change anything. Settings are hard-coded in the theme, old URL structures are broken, functionality isn’t ported. The result is frustrated users and a site that may look great but can’t be updated nor capture new business as it should.

Our clients sign up with us for annual engagements where we’re still around to ensure that the site both performs and that they can manage it. We don’t want to be your agency of record, we want to make a living, breathing site that you can work on yourself. We spread the payments out for new sites over months – helping with your budget and ensuring that we’re held accountable.

Here’s what we do when we develop sites for clients:

  1. We build a child theme from the best WordPress themes available. A child theme enables customization while ensuring you have a fully robust, supported parent theme with all the bells and whistles.
  2. We ensure everything that worked before, still works. Sometimes, this is by migrating code over to the child theme, other times its building custom plugins for the client. Either way, we ensure that moving code never has to happen again.
  3. We test the site for speed, mobile responsiveness, cross-browser, search engine optimization, and conversions. A site is no good unless it’s optimized for every user that makes it there.
  4. The site launch date is the start line. The day we pause our relationship with the client because they’re performing well is the end line.

Bolstra is one of those clients that we love to work with. They’re in technology, a software as a service vendor, and are rapidly moving upstream to larger enterprise clients. We developed a custom look and feel for them that both matched their brand and built a beautiful user experience for visitors. By building it on a framework, our clients can drag and drop panels on any page, use dozens of elements like image carousels, tabs, modal windows, etc. out of the box. No code necessary.

Take a look around their site and you’ll see what I mean. We even build the shortcode functionality that does the replacement word animation on the home page – we shared it here if you’re interested. We also build a fully scored assessment with branch logic using Gravity Forms and fully integrated with Pardot.

Now that the site is launched, we’re working on content and search engine optimization to drive the relevant visitors that this client is looking for.