We don’t share as much as we’d like about all the clients we’ve helped or are helping, but here are some posts that provide some insight into how we do business.

Data Mining in Analytics

Because of the far reach of our MarTech publication, we often get exposed to some amazing platforms where we can mine data for our clients. The note above was from a SaaS client who has had incredible growth. We’ve been helping them drive more awareness on search engines, where a majority of their clients are acquired.

Utilizing a platform that combines artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms, we were able to parse session data from sign-up data and clearly show the client they were growing dramatically in other time zones. Parsing the data was critical. Prior to our analysis, the client was only taking session data into consideration. But sessions were skewed earlier than sign-ups!

The general rule of thumb in online marketing is that visitors drive engagement and engagement drives conversions. We continue to debunk this with client after client. While increasing awareness and engagement is always positive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to drive business results. We always strive to separate vanity metrics from business metrics.

The PDF you sent over last night literally sealed the deal on hiring 24/7 support – the last 2 pages provided data I was not able to easily pull from anywhere else to quantify the difference between sign ups and purchases during off-hours. Many kudos on this front.

And this client was able to make a critical growth decision with our findings. Boom!

Accent On Business: Turn Up Your Influence with Science-Based Executive Presence [Infographic]

At the end of 2015, I had the pleasure of meeting Ellen Dunnigan, President and CEO of Accent On Business, an executive presence and public speaking advisory firm. I was immediately impressed with the way she talked, dressed and presented herself. I remember saying to myself, “Wow. I want to be able to carry myself that way.” Little did I know at the time that she, in fact, worked with individuals on doing just that: building, honing and crafting their unique professional image.

I began working with her and was shocked with what I had learned about myself and the mannerisms that could be affecting how people perceived me. Within a few short months, my executive presence was already taking shape. Ellen was a pivotal part of helping me identify where I could improve and enhance.

Then I met my coach Alexandra Rufatto-Perry, the Director of Public Speaking and Professional Presence at Accent On Business. As a trained speech pathologist, she brought something completely new to the table and a uniquely captivating perspective that I knew could bring me to the next level. Alexandra is a critical component of my professional development; sometimes, I think of her as my fairy godmother protecting me from image faux pas. This year, I emceed a marketing conference of 300 people. I couldn’t even imagine doing so effectively without her help and guidance.

What truly makes Accent On Business different from other public speaking advisory firms is they are experts in communication and the brain science behind executive presence; by understanding the neurology behind how we are perceived, they can provide individualized services for each client.

Accent On Business shows people how to say what it is that they need or want to say while looking and feeling their confident and influential best.

As I’ve been going through this process, there has been so much information to absorb; it’s fascinating! That’s why we decided to create an infographic that comprehensively detailed the three elements of executive presence and how you can use them to turn up your influence in the workplace.

If you’re interested in learning more about Accent On Business or scheduling a consultation with them, visit their website now. I highly recommend it! They’re changing my life for the better.

Accent On Business Turn Up Your Influence With Science-Based Executive Presence Infographic

Indianapolis Business Video Shoot: Standard for Success

As with many SaaS companies, real estate is an area that requires a huge investment but doesn’t have a return for years. When I see a startup invest in beautiful, innovative spaces, it’s a concern. Many do it for the tax benefits, but money spent in real estate is money not spent on business development, human resources, and platform enhancements. That’s not to say it’s a bad idea altogether, just something we watch.

Standard for Success is a rapidly growing business, jumping out of the gate with an employee performance system that’s taken the education industry by storm. They have enormous saturation in Indiana and are growing nationally at a rapid pace. The platform is so good that they’ve launched a non-education sector version for every company, SFS Pro.

We developed a marketing strategy for the company and wanted to do some interviews with key leaders in the company, including co-founder Todd Whitlock. We scheduled the shoot at our offices in downtown Indianapolis and they flew in their team – the furthest from Alaska! Using our office and conference room, we had a half-day shoot to produce a series of videos about the company that will be launched in a few weeks after post-production and development of intros and outros.

We have relationships with several videographers in the region. Our videographer partners used on this shoot work for a company that’s national with offices in most major cities and then vetted teams of video professionals in every major city. So, while this was an Indianapolis shoot, let us know if you need one in your city.

Video is becoming an essential component of every business’ site. Video types that we can develop and execute include explainer videos, product tours, testimonials, thought leadership and how-to videos. Best of all, since we’re a cross-channel marketing agency, we can leverage these videos for search, social and other strategies for our clients. Popping a great video up on YouTube just isn’t enough.

Note: Great photo taken by our own marketing intern, Katie Karr!

WonderLabs: Our Product Packaging Designs are Live!

Working with branding expert Thaddeus Rex and technologist Chuck Barnett, we’ve been assisting the amazing discount vitamin store WonderLabs – rebrand and optimize their ecommerce site. The site has been rewritten from the ground up by Chuck’s team with our front-end designs. We’re alreading seeing a lift in organic traffic and mobile conversions with the new designs… and this week the new product labeling is rolling off the production line!

Here’s a photo of their older branding with their flagship valerian root product, Valerin:

valerian root

With Thaddeus’ vision and our design team, the new logo and product labeling is now being applied. The slogan of the company is Freedom is Life – Live with Wonder, following the vision of the owners who always wanted to provide a safe, lab-tested product to those people interested in healthy living. The company itself is incredible – with a fully solar-powered manufacturing facility in the mountains of Tennessee. Most of the employees have been there since the company only did catalog sales and the Internet didn’t exist!

We’re proud of the amazing work we’re doing with the company and looking forward to taking their sales up. American owned and operated, great people, and focused on improving their customers’ lives. When some pet owners reached out for help, they even produced a series of natural products just for pets. You couldn’t ask for a better company to work with!


We’re not just their design, search optimization, and conversion optimization team anymore… we’re now friends and clients.

Widen Wins “Killer Content Award” for Visual Storytelling Infographic!

We’ve been working with the team at Widen for years. In fact, our relationship pre-dates DK New Media all the way back to Compendium and ExactTarget! They’re an amazing team with incredible internal resources. We have a unique relationship with Widen where they lean on us for research and strategy, but their team executes magnificently. That’s why we’re so proud to announce that Widen has one an award for an infographic that Jenn assisted the team on:

Mary Turner, a graphic designer at Widen, designed the winning infographic, which is entitled “How to effectively use visual storytelling for your brand,” with content and support from Jenn Lisak at DK New Media and Danielle Templeton, Nina Brakel-Schutt and Jake Athey from the Widen Marketing team. Turner and Brakel-Schutt will attend the 2016 B2B Content2Conversion Conference in Arizona and accept the award on behalf of the Widen team.

The company was honored along with other winners at an exclusive luncheon at the 2016 B2B Content2Conversion Conference. Read More.

Jenn’s infographic process is like no other in the industry and we continue to see our clients gain awareness, recognition, conversions, ranking based on the consultation and direction she’s provided. And now our clients are even winning awards for them! Congratulations to Mary for the incredible design – and Jenn for the continued excellence!

Visual Storytelling

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