The folks at Rainmakers have been amazing to work with over the years for the Indianapolis business community. They attract professional business people and sales people from all industries. They’re entrepreneurial and continue to educate and add value to their members by bringing in external speakers. I’m lucky enough to have facilitated several conversations over the years and I’m excited to help them out during this COVID-19 crisis. This crisis has hurt my own consultancy and, downstream, a startup that I had literally just launched with some partners. I want to share how we’re reacting to it, how I’m assisting the clients that are left, and want to help you with your business.

Here’s the synopsis of the presentation and associated Q&A:

While this crisis is truly unique, there are proven opportunities to revamp your marketing communications. Companies are reacting to news and markets by freezing or canceling engagements. However, they’re also looking to a questionable future to identify ways to automate, optimize, and build value with the businesses and consumers they’re working with. In this call, I’m going to discuss how you can position yourself to help them. Douglas will discuss how this crisis impacted his business, with 2/3rds of his clients impacted… and how he’s already turning them around. We’ll discuss messaging, inbound, and outbound strategies that you can use to drive more business.

You can register for the event online at the Rainmakers’ Site. It will be held online on Thursday, March 26th, 2020 from 8:30 am to 10:00 am.