Because of the far reach of our MarTech publication, we often get exposed to some amazing platforms where we can mine data for our clients. The note above was from a SaaS client who has had incredible growth. We’ve been helping them drive more awareness on search engines, where a majority of their clients are acquired.

Utilizing a platform that combines artificial intelligence and predictive algorithms, we were able to parse session data from sign-up data and clearly show the client they were growing dramatically in other time zones. Parsing the data was critical. Prior to our analysis, the client was only taking session data into consideration. But sessions were skewed earlier than sign-ups!

The general rule of thumb in online marketing is that visitors drive engagement and engagement drives conversions. We continue to debunk this with client after client. While increasing awareness and engagement is always positive, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s going to drive business results. We always strive to separate vanity metrics from business metrics.

The PDF you sent over last night literally sealed the deal on hiring 24/7 support – the last 2 pages provided data I was not able to easily pull from anywhere else to quantify the difference between sign ups and purchases during off-hours. Many kudos on this front.

And this client was able to make a critical growth decision with our findings. Boom!