Today has been a day months in the making! Mark Schaefer has been a mentor and friend for many years. One of Mark’s clients is Dell Technologies, a company that is quite literally transforming the world with its technologies throughout brands like Dell, EMC, VMware, RSA, Pivotal Software, SecureWorks, and Boomi.

The company is running over with talent and innovation is happening at speeds we’ve never seen in mankind’s history. The challenge, of course, is how to share your talent, your progress, and your vision with IT transformation with the world. Mark realized that this was an incredible opportunity for podcasting. And… the kicker… because of my technical aptitude, he graciously invited me to co-host the interviews.

Luminaries – Talking to the brightest minds in tech

Where can technology take your business? Join hosts Mark Schaefer and Douglas Karr on an IT transformation expedition. Listen in as they have in-depth conversations with technology luminaries who clear the path for your business growth – hear from analysts, partners, your peers and leaders across Dell Technologies. Find research, best practices and tools to make your IT transformation real.

I hope you enjoy the show as much as we’re enjoying producing it. Konstanze Alex-Brown of Dell has been an amazing partner, bringing in all the research, guests, and schedules to make this podcast happen. There are so many moving parts – and ensuring we have a quality audio recording is quite a challenge with guests literally all over the globe.

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Episode 01: Ready, Set, Transform… Your IT

The level of IT transformation a company has achieved has an immediate and tangible impact on business growth, competitive differentiation and ability to innovate. How much? Leading IT industry analysts did the research and have surprising answers. Duration : 34:11

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