At times, we’re challenged with clients that have proprietary infrastructures, custom developed platforms, and development backlogs that prevent instantaneous results. In an omnichannel world, that doesn’t mean that we can’t help them. We saw two opportunities with the company, who sells a few million dollars of product online each year:

  • Branding – The company’s logo, design, and layout were pretty rough and hadn’t been changed in a decade. We first worked with the company to come to an agreement on new branding and voice with a partner of ours, Thaddeus Rex.
  • Mobile – The e-commerce platform and daily promotional emails were not optimized for mobile devices. So, while the site was getting mobile traffic, those visitors were largely abandoning the site because it wasn’t user-friendly. We developed a user interface for their proprietary platform and a variety of email templates that were mobile responsive.

The results are startling. The number of mobile visitors has risen by over 25%, with an organic search conversion rate increase of 23.73% and email conversion rate increase of 23.96%. Bounce rates also saw reductions!

Ecommerce Mobile and Branding

We’ve paused our engagement with the company so that they can attack the backlog of infrastructure issues that are impacting their organic visibility. They’re in a highly competitive industry and overall traffic has dropped. We even developed a couple of infographics on their top products to earn some industry links while large e-commerce competitors with huge budgets chip away at their traffic. Once they complete the detailed infrastructure audit, we’ve provided, they’ll see significant overall sales increases. For now, though, the brand and mobile responsive changes are making up the gap!

Ecommerce is Omnichannel

If you want to increase conversion rates on your e-commerce site, there’s no single answer. We’ve got an incredible reputation in the industry because of our omnichannel expertise. Search, social, mobile, content… all of them are critical to the user experience and conversion rates. Please contact us if you need assistance.