As we work with clients throughout the world, an issue that almost always arises is the lack of identity of the company, product, or person we’re working to market. Since we’re producing content and driving conversions for the companies, it’s essential that we do not just represent them well visually, but that we utilize their voice and speak to their industry exactly the way that resonates.

Branding is more than a logo, color schemes, and verbiage, though. It’s how you are perceived. When a client can’t effectively communicate their brand to us, or when they have never gone through a branding exercise, we continue to bring one expert in the room – Thaddeus Rex.

Thaddeus has put together a fun, ingenious process for developing your brand. Within 3 hours, you will be provided a workbook and every secret Thaddeus utilizes with his clients to build powerful brands. This workshop will save you an enormous amount of time and energy in identifying what makes your brand distinct and effective… without the expensive consulting fees! Thaddeus’ program is The Science of Charisma.

This workshop is exceptionally useful for startups, companies struggling to communicate how they differentiate themselves, content marketers who can’t seem to consistently define their products or services, or experienced companies who need a refresh to remain memorable.

The Science of CharismaThe Science of Charisma

-be compelling-

Hear the laughter. Feel the power. And discover new tools to catapult your charisma and influence. What rock stars manage by instinct, we can master through science.

Imagine everybody on the team talking about you and your stuff when you’re the one able to spread contagious enthusiasm for any idea. It starts with you, your brand, and all that Charisma resting below the surface, just waiting to go…

You will leave this workshop having learned how to:

  • Understand The Science of Charisma and ways you use it to your advantage
  • Implement The 5 Factors of Competitive Edge to become more compelling
  • Identify Rapport‘s biggest barrier and how you sail past it
  • Apply the 6 Elements of Audience Attraction and accelerate your influence

About Thaddeus Rex

Few presenters have been compared to both Dale Carnegie and David Bowie. Fewer still have the honor of being called “part Monty Python, part Dr. Seuss” by the Washington Post.

An expert in messaging and positioning, known nationally for his inspiring keynotes and work to help companies connect more deeply with their Audience, Thaddeus Rex got his start on the cast of an Emmy Award-winning PBS show, then toured stage shows for over a decade. After gaining applause from Indiana’s Governor for helping develop a unique program to foster rural entrepreneurs, Rex’s ability to generate contagious enthusiasm for unique ideas caught the attention of local executives. At their request, he created The Science of Charisma, a process he utilizes daily to help companies generate more powerful messaging, building contagious enthusiasm for their products and services while building faster engagement thru easier sales.

He’s been excited to share messaging insights with so many exciting companies like Butterball, Australian Gold, Rotary International, and many more…