As we continue to fine-tune our podcast studio at the Speak Easy in downtown Indianapolis, we’ve worked extremely hard to keep it simple. We’ve even shared our equipment and instructions for using it on our studio page here. By keeping it simple, we can ensure our podcasts are done on-time and without the need for additional staff to assist you.

Continuing with that focus, we’ve added video capabilities. We’ve integrated a mounted iPad to our mixer so that you can go live on Facebook and do real-time video. Our colleagues doing this in the industry are getting absolutely amazing results, exponentially increasing their visibility online. We’re going to continue to build out our studio with multi-view and auto-switching capabilities, but only as the technology becomes easy to use.

We’ve got the BEHRINGER XR-18 mixer and have set up a BUS to auxiliary output that combines all 6 microphones and our Mac Mini output (in this case YouTube). By setting up a bus, we can control the audio that streams via an XLR to iPad Mic converter. Side note… we’re also working to enhance the lighting to better compliment the audio.

Using our current setup, you just need to login to Facebook and click Live! Here’s our latest video after configuring the system: