Many of my friends had already heard the news about Highbridge, but I wanted to formalize the announcement here. A few years ago, I started working aside a couple of Salesforce partners to assist their clients with developing strategies to fully leverage Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and their other platforms. We continued to see, over and over, that the partner companies were incredibly proficient at implementing and integrating whatever their clients wanted. However, the clients often invested heavily in the technology without fully knowing what to implement, the priority for maximizing impact, nor the roadmap of what’s coming next.

Key to this was that the partners were experienced administrative experts, but not strategic partners. They lacked the extensive industry experience and platform experience that I and my partners had accumulated over the last few decades. As we continued to succeed in driving the strategies necessary, we were pulled into more and more enterprise engagements needing that direction. With any business, you need to watch where demand is and pivot in that direction. I spoke with my colleagues and last year we decided to formalize a new Salesforce Partner that focused on strategy, compliance, and execution to transform these enterprise companies.

While there are already many amazing Salesforce Partners, my co-founders and I have worked in and around Salesforce technologies for the last two decades. Because I spent the last decade working across vendors, my knowledge of SaaS and how Salesforce has positioned itself is especially useful. Highbridge has acquired the proprietary processes that I’ve built over the last decade that’s led to my clients’ successful digital transformation implementations. And, because of my partners’ business development, integration, and application development expertise, we know that we can architect any solution that can help companies move forward.

We’re already closing new business and well on our way to growth. We’ve partnered with two education firms to help our new employees get certified and then we’ll develop them personally to build the best teams possible. We have also partnered with two experienced partners who will assist in any administration and development we require as we grow our own employee base. And, we have other Salesforce and platform partners who wish to utilize our institutional and platform knowledge to improve their execution with their Salesforce clients. We don’t believe we’re a competitor in as much as a resource to the Salesforce Partner community.

What About DK New Media?

Because I still am active in public speaking, covering key digital platform conferences, publishing, and podcasting, DK New Media will remain but only as the company behind those engagements. My goal is to transition off my current customers and close out my agency work and consulting. As Highbridge ramps up, I will move full-time there with my other partners. I will; however, continue to publish Martech Zone, my podcasts, and do paid speaking and training engagements.