Local Indianapolis Rock Band, American Bombshell, has been getting a ton of press recently. They recently won a national talent contest put on by the Grammys, the 2016 Grammy Amplifier Contest, rocked the world-famous Whisky A Go Go, and opened SXSW at Stubb’s.

american-bombshell-studioIt’s great seeing incredible national coverage of some local musicians. I’ve been to several of American Bombshell’s shows and the name is perfect. While other bands warm up to the crowd and work them, Bombshell explodes on the stage from 0 to 200 miles per hour in under a second. Every single member puts their heart into every heart-pounding set. When they leave the stage, it looks like the band ran a marathon, and the crowd is amp’d to the max. These guys are the real deal… going back to the simple days of hardcore, in-your-face, rock.

American Bombshell’s blazing journey continues. Jason Carr (drummer) told Doug that they were being interviewed by SPIN magazine for an upcoming article. Our Indianapolis studio was made for just a moment. The band came in, sat down, and did the interview with SPIN. We even recorded it for them. No setup, no fuss, no muss… perfect audio and everyone got to sit in on the interview.