As with many SaaS companies, real estate is an area that requires a huge investment but doesn’t have a return for years. When I see a startup invest in beautiful, innovative spaces, it’s a concern. Many do it for the tax benefits, but money spent in real estate is money not spent on business development, human resources, and platform enhancements. That’s not to say it’s a bad idea altogether, just something we watch.

Standard for Success is a rapidly growing business, jumping out of the gate with an employee performance system that’s taken the education industry by storm. They have enormous saturation in Indiana and are growing nationally at a rapid pace. The platform is so good that they’ve launched a non-education sector version for every company, SFS Pro.

We developed a marketing strategy for the company and wanted to do some interviews with key leaders in the company, including co-founder Todd Whitlock. We scheduled the shoot at our offices in downtown Indianapolis and they flew in their team – the furthest from Alaska! Using our office and conference room, we had a half-day shoot to produce a series of videos about the company that will be launched in a few weeks after post-production and development of intros and outros.

We have relationships with several videographers in the region. Our videographer partners used on this shoot work for a company that’s national with offices in most major cities and then vetted teams of video professionals in every major city. So, while this was an Indianapolis shoot, let us know if you need one in your city.

Video is becoming an essential component of every business’ site. Video types that we can develop and execute include explainer videos, product tours, testimonials, thought leadership and how-to videos. Best of all, since we’re a cross-channel marketing agency, we can leverage these videos for search, social and other strategies for our clients. Popping a great video up on YouTube just isn’t enough.

Note: Great photo taken by our own marketing intern, Katie Karr!