We just returned from Merrillville, with I delivered a keynote on the changing Customer Journey. Many industry experts speak to the importance of all of the new media channels online, but it doesn’t paint a clear picture to businesses who haven’t adapted and may still be avoiding new media. Key to convincing audiences like this is not describing the advantages of new media, but the changing behavior of their consumers and businesses.

The keynote was a success. While keeping the conversation light and entertaining, I had an engaged audience. Jenn and I stayed an additional hour after the event to respond to questions personally. We were overwhelmed with how much the audience appreciated the presentation. Upon returning to Indianapolis, we received this incredible note from our host, the Dean of IU School of Business and Economics, Anna S. Rominger:

Dear Mr. Karr,

Thank you so much for providing the keynote presentation, “How New Media is Impacting the customer Journey (and Why It Must not Be Ignored!),” at the 2016 Speakers’ Alliance Luncheon at the Radisson Hotel in Merrillville, Indiana. This luncheon is provided by the Indiana University Northwest School of Business and Economics to an audience of businesses, banks, higher education administrators,  students, hospitals, financial service firms and an energy company.

Your presentation provided timely and critical essential information about how the new media is changing the customer journey. Attendees have responded,  saying this was the best presentation the School has offered. For example –  (“I think it was the best of the series–timely, relevant and very interesting.”)  Your knowledge of the new media and its influence is truly impressive. After hearing your remarks, I am seriously reconsidered our marketing policy and the importance of the use of social media in the marketing efforts of the School of Business and Economics. The strategies you suggested were important for all the organizations present. Even this business- minded  audience  who was torn by their need to return to work stayed in their seats throughout the presentation and enthusiastically asked strategic questions about your recommendations. Your presentation really spoke to everyone who attended the luncheon.  

arThanks. Anna R.
Anna S. Rominger, Dean 

IU Northwest