Everyone loves recognition and I’m no different. My MarTech publication has been my pride and joy for over a decade now. It lead to my book, my speaking opportunities, and ultimately my agency. And – while you might think that a publication this size makes millions, it doesn’t. My consulting is what pays the bills.

I write posts daily because I love sharing and educating my audience on marketing technology. I feel strongly that my gift is the ability to bridge the gap where creative, talented marketers are and where technology is. Many people are overwhelmed at the pace and the complexity of marketing technology – and rightly so. I happen to love it and enjoy the challenge of both keeping up and dominating in my field of expertise.

The 50 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Follow – The blogs on creativity, marketing and technology that I follow religiously by Jason Miller.

So, since the time I spend writing on MarTech isn’t very profitable, it’s the recognition from a company like LinkedIn and an industry leader Jason Miller that makes my day, week, and month! Check out Jason’s post and follow him online. He’s a wealth of information. Oh, and I’m in amazing company… somewhere between Convince & Convert, Social Media Examiner, and Copyblogger… whoa! I’d highly recommend following everyone on the list.

Side note: One of the other reasons I appreciate this recognition as well is that I don’t promote LinkedIn any more than any other platform or company in my industry. For years, LinkedIn has recognized my work while I don’t go out of my way to suck up to them. That’s pretty damn cool!

Side site note: That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome you as a sponsor, LinkedIn! 😉

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