Our longest running podcast with the most subscribers is, by far, MarTech Interviews. Our most popular episodes are now reaching over 10,000 downloads/listenseach year – a goal I’ve been pursuing for a decade. The episodes aren’t regular because I wait and hand-pick the guests as opportunities arise. I feel as though forcing a weekly episode might lower the quality of the guests and conversation… so sometimes there are gaps of a few weeks between episodes.

Despite its popularity online, it doesn’t get a lot of industry recognition. So when a local colleague, Benji Craig, attended Salesforce Connections and sent me this pic, I had to post it. Salesforce is an incredible company… I have nothing but fond memories of my time at ExactTarget and I’ve helped dozens of Salesforce clients as well as startups in the ExactTarget ecosystem. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t have the career I have without having Salesforce in my history.

That’s one heck of a list to be in the company of – be sure to subscribe:

Thanks Salesforce for the recognition! And give me a call – I’d love to have your team on from time to time.