About two years ago, I was extremely excited to move my company and our employees into a beautiful office at the newly opened Speak Easy downtown. I’ve had an office downtown for a decade, but this space was epic. I invested in a new podcast studio with state of the art technology. It’s an amazing space that I love.

My business has changed dramatically in that time. Jenn launched her incredible agency, Sapphire Strategy. I decided to shift away from agency deliverables and return to consulting, education, and speaking. I downsized the team to just me, downsized my clients, and optimized my deliverables. While I miss working with my friends in the office, it was a great business shift that’s enabled both personal and financial freedom.

Concurrently, I was given the opportunity to co-host the Dell Luminaries podcast with friend and colleague Mark Schaefer. It’s mostly a remotely recorded podcast, but a few times a year I get to travel and record the smartest minds in tech on location. With my recent bariatric surgery, my health is skyrocketing, and I’m looking forward to attending and speaking at many more conferences in the next year.

With these changes, over the last few months, I’ve only been in my studio and office for a few hours a week. With my regional clients, I travel to see them a few times a week. I have clients I visit in Lawrence, Noblesville, Fishers, and Zionsville. While my office is amazing, the parking and logistics of having guests there is complex, so I find myself working from home far more than going down to the office.

So… why do I have an office downtown? The nuanced answer is exposure and prestige… but the short answer is ego. I have a successful business and having a premium office just a block from the Circle was impressive. But each month that I paid the rent, I questioned the business sense of continuing to pay rent for an office that my clients don’t visit, a studio that I don’t record in, and a location that’s difficult to get to.

For that reason, I’ve decided to close my downtown office and move into my home office. I’m looking forward to redirecting the rent check into some modifications and improvements to my home. And, I love visiting friends, prospects, and clients in and around the city. Two of my clients already invited me to work on location which is a great idea. I’m moving out by the end of October… before the fun of ice and snow, too!

I’m still going to be a member of and continue to support the Speak Easy in addition to other co-working facilities in town. I’ve also put together a go bag with all my podcast equipment, enabling me to conveniently visit and record podcasts on location. I hope to see you soon!

Podcast Studio Alternatives

If your team is looking for a great studio to record at, I have two recommendations:

  • Creative Zombie Studios – Colleague and audio expert Brad Shoemaker has a beautiful studio up on the Northwest side. He’s been an asset and helped me at every turn in my podcasting career.
  • Edge Media Studios – Colleague and fellow marketer Erin Sparks built an impressive studio from the ground up with both audio and video capabilities downtown.

Tell them I sent you!