DK New Media offices have been on Market Street, a block East of the Soldiers and Sailors Monument in downtown Indianapolis, for over 7 years now! We have an incredible space and have always loved showing it off to our clients. When we started 7 years ago, it was honestly easier for us to get national and international clients than local ones. Simply put, enterprise clients typically looked outside the region for talent… so we had to look outside the region for clients!

Fast forward to 2015 and a majority of our clients are Indiana-based or Indiana-owned companies. We still think of ourselves as an international consultancy, but our roots are firmly planted in our local community. We love being able to support the local technology companies and we’ve surrounded ourselves with talent regionally that we love working with.

Our office is an oasis, though. We felt disconnected from the community that’s been growing and thriving here in central Indiana. We yearned for the days a decade ago where we were meeting with other startups, marketers, and technology professionals on an almost daily basis. Our business grew, with dozens of others, out of a beautiful coffee shop on the Southside. It was a magical place where we all helped one another over coffee, but invoices never exchanged hands… frankly, because we couldn’t afford to pay them.

We want to invest in the local technology scene. We want to help local startups. We want to build stronger relationships in our city. We know that we’ve been an incredible asset to companies young and old, small and large, with budget and without. So when Speak Easy Executive Director Danielle McDowell stopped by DK New Media and told us the Speak Easy was opening a downtown location, we were beyond ecstatic.

Ironically, we had even looked at the location with some investors and thought about opening our own coworking facility and coffee shop. We were going to call it the Overture at Morrison Opera Place!

Overture Definition

  • An introduction to something more substantial
  • An orchestral piece at the beginning of an opera, suite, play, oratorio, or other extended composition.

The project was on the hush-hush and fell through for a number of reasons. But we knew the location was a prime location. Raidious was already in the building as well, so we already had some friends there! And before I started my business, I worked in an office at a little known email company, ExactTarget, that will literally be 4 doors down from the new offices of DK New Media.

We were so excited that we were the first company to sign and send our deposit to be in the Speak Easy downtown. We’ll be moving our podcast studio to a beautiful, large office overlooking Meridian (top left on the floor diagram below), and we’ll have an adjacent office as well. The Speak Easy is working right now on sound-proofing the room and we absolutely can’t wait to move in!

Speak Easy Downtown

If you’ve visited our office, you know that we have a single space that incorporates the studio and our desks (in addition to a full bar, sofa, and table). We’ll be utilizing two offices at the Speak Easy, one dedicated to the studio and an additional private office. We have dozens of regional resources that are in and out of our office on a daily basis – so having overflow room in the facility will be a welcome addition!

As well, our studio will be available for use by the Speak Easy in the event that they wish to launch their own podcast about the community. We’re looking forward to assisting!

Our target date for moving in will be September 1, 2016!

Our new address will be:

DK New Media – Office 5
47 South Meridian, Suite 200
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Our phone numbers will not change.