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Top 100 Digital Marketing Influencers on BuzzSumo

It’s always incredible to be recognized for the work that you do. I invest an enormous amount of time and energy to contribute to my community and to mentor young marketers that are entering the workforce. I’m not doing it for buzz… my own children are now in the workforce and I want to be sure to pass on any knowledge to them that may be helpful.

With the speed of innovation, information is critical so that we don’t continue to make the same mistakes as new mediums and channels arise. With the incredible changes in my life to my health (I’ve lost over 165 pounds), I’m looking to get back on the speaking circuit and hope to capitalize on my influence in digital marketing. I’ve been blessed to have worked with some amazing companies already as an influencer, including Agorapulse, Salesforce, 250ok, and Neverbounce. Let’s see where this recognition takes me this year!

Anyways… someone dropped me a note on LinkedIn and let me know that when they researched top influencers in Digital Marketing, I was high atop the list. The list is the who’s who of marketing – many folks that I look up to:

  1. Rand Fishkin – @randfish
  2. Brian Solis – @briansolis
  3. Dan Knowlton – @dknowlton1
  4. Eric Enge – @stonetemple
  5. J.J. De la Torre – @delatorrejj
  6. Douglas Karr – @douglaskarr
  7. Barry Schwartz – @rustybrick
  8. Sorav Jain – @soravjain
  9. AJ Ghergich – @seo
  10. Robert Jones – @exodusanalytics
  11. Ammar Mohammed – @ammr
  12. James Gurd –  @jamesgurd
  13. Bill Sebald – @billsebald
  14. Ginny Marvin – @ginnymarvin
  15. Shashi Bellamkonda – @shashib
  16. Gareth O’Sullivan – @_garethg
  17. Jeet Banerjee – @thejeetbanerjee
  18. Brian Hart – @brianhartpr
  19. Hrish Thota – @dhempe
  20. Mack Collier – @mackcollier
  21. Bonin Bough – @boughb
  22. Avinash Kaushik – @avinash
  23. Erik Huberman – @erikhuberman
  24. Casie Gillette – @casieg
  25. Gianluca Fiorelli – @gfiorelli1
  26. Mark Traphagen – @marktraphagen
  27. Derek Edmond – @derekedmond
  28. Alex Jiménez – @ralexjimenez
  29. Patrick – @denmark98
  30. Fadhila Brahimi – @fbrahimi
  31. Marc Cortes – @marccortes
  32. Ian Schafer – @ischafer
  33. Andrew Grill – @andrewgrill
  34. AJ Kohn – @ajkohn
  35. Jon Henshaw – @henshaw
  36. Greg Gifford – @greggifford
  37. Paddy Moogan – @paddymoogan
  38. Mordecai Holtz – @mordecaiholtz
  39. Tom Goodwin – @tomfgoodwin
  40. Stoney deGeyter – @stoneyd
  41. James Malone – @jmalonepr
  42. Steve Bartlett – @stevebartlettsc
  43. Randy Milanovic – @kayak360
  44. Winston Binch – @winstonbinch
  45. Michael Litman – @mlitman
  46. Jonathan Long – @long
  47. Iain Tait – @iaintait
  48. Kassy Pajarillo – @kassypajarillo
  49. Jerry Daykin – @jdaykin
  50. Mark Silva – @marksilva
  51. Gerry Moran – @gerrymoran
  52. Dave Knox – @daveknox
  53. Yann Gourvennec – @ygourven
  54. Tamar Weinberg – @tamar
  55. Rae Dolan – @sugarrae
  56. Adam Sherk – @adamsherk
  57. Elisabeth Osmeloski – @elisabethos
  58. Simo Ahava – @simoahava
  59. Chris Ducker – @chrisducker
  60. Matt McGee – @mattmcgee
  61. Lisa Myers – @lisadmyers
  62. Oli Gardner – @oligardner
  63. Frederick Vallaeys – @siliconvallaeys
  64. Mel Carson – @melcarson
  65. Maria Johnsen – @imariajohnsen
  66. Scott Galloway – @profgalloway
  67. Ross Simmonds – @thecoolestcool
  68. Martin MacDonald – @searchmartin
  69. Vanessa DiMauro – @vdimauro
  70. Brian Clark – @brianclark
  71. Ann Tran – @anntran_
  72. John Mueller – @johnmu
  73. Manuel Diaz – @manueldiaz
  74. Tamara McCleary – @tamaramccleary
  75. Alex Moss – @alexmoss
  76. Minter Dial – @mdial
  77. Brandon Berger – @brandonberger
  78. Nate Dame – @seonate
  79. David Griner – @griner
  80. Graham Charlton – @gcharlton
  81. Andrew Girdwood – @andrewgirdwood
  82. Joe Hall – @joehall
  83. Sean Gardner – @2morrowknight
  84. Will Francis – @willfrancis
  85. Matthew Howells-Barby – @matthewbarby
  86. Will Critchlow – @willcritchlow
  87. Jenny Halasz – @jennyhalasz
  88. Dorie Clark – @dorieclark
  89. Nick Westergaard – @nickwestergaard
  90. Angie Schottmuller – @aschottmuller
  91. Ashwini Dodani – @ashwinidodani
  92. Kent Lewis – @kentjlewis
  93. Dan Gingiss – @dgingiss
  94. Kevin Gibbons – @kevgibbo
  95. Christoph Trappe – @ctrappe
  96. Duane Forrester – @duaneforrester
  97. Hernán Rodríguez – @rodriguezhernan
  98. Scott Brinker – @chiefmartec
  99. Arnie Kuenn – @arniek
  100. Amber Naslund – @ambercadabra

Be sure to follow them on Twitter and you won’t be sorry! And thanks so much to Will Greenwood at Browser Media for doing the research and assembling this list.

Douglas Launches Roche’s Digital Marketing Workshop with Butler University

It’s been months in development, but proud to announce that I’ll be teaching a digital marketing workshop on a regular basis to Roche’s marketing team. The course was developed in coordination between Roche’s Corporate Training Team, Butler’s Corporate Education Department, Roche’s Marketing Leadership and myself.

Roche does an amazing job at developing and cross-training its international marketing team members. Because much of its team is transient within the organization, they wanted a real-time workshop that developed internal processes, familiarized the team to their Martech stack and resources, and exposed them to external trends.

The workshop does all of this, and incorporates team exercises, structured debate, and even a Jeopardy-style game. Employees also have to effectively use the training in a capstone project across multiple workshops.

Professional development has been at the heart of my business so I’m excited to formalize this engagement as well as assisting Butler with a certification program. If your company would like information on this service, please contact me and I’ll put you in touch with Butler University!

Clear Software: Order-To-Cash Business Process Automation

It’s been a while since I’ve shared some client news. It’s not because nothing is happening, I can assure you! It’s been a huge January. Marty Thompson is currently the CMO at a startup in robotic process automation, Clear Software. Marty and his team have an incredible product that helps automate ERP processes through both front-end and back-end automation.

On the front-end, ClearWork is a highly customizeable user interface that integrates directly with on-premise, software as a service, and third-party APIs. To put it into perspective, one client has over 20 screen changes in an order to cash process initiation. With ClearWork, it’s a single screen. This makes the process simple, easy to teach staff, and more accurate. Check out their use cases where they’re adding millions to their bottom line.

On the back-end, ClearProcess is the other product that comes with their implementation. ClearProcess can filter, modify, and inject data to directly with on-premise, software as a service, and third-party APIs. That means clients no longer have to have other synchronization and data dump processes. Unattended automation processes are seamless.

The two together are referred to as hybrid robotic process automation. Working in parallel, they can consume entire processes and maximize the large investment that companies are making in their ERP.

The implementation for Clear Software has been one of the largest I’ve done in years. Working with Marty, I’ve implemented a WordPress site, Hubspot CRM, Lead Scoring, and Landing Page development, a Terminus ABM implementation, researched the industry and competition, and are helpiing the team produce premier content. All in the last couple months.

The founder and CEO, Jon Gilman, recently wrote an ebook if you’d like to learn more about robotic process automation:

Download A Better Way to RPA

Roads Helped Rome Rule the World, Today it’s Bandwidth

You’ve probably heard the common theory that roads were the key to Rome ruling the ancient world. Roads helped migration, commerce, work, and most importantly – armies easily and efficiently move from one place to another. I’m concerned that Indiana doesn’t realize that bandwidth is as important to a thriving economy tomorrow as roads were two thousand years ago.

I attended an Indiana Bandwidth event today in Hendricks County which discussed the future of bandwidth. While the majority of the attendees recognized the importance of connectivity, I honestly feel they are totally underestimating the impact of it on every industry – from technology to farming. It was great to see Scott Fadness, the Mayor of Fishers, share some of the successes that Internet connectivity are already transforming his city.

My client, Lifeline Data Centers, saw this as an issue a decade ago as they took an abandoned shopping mall in Indianapolis and transformed it into the city’s largest data center. It wasn’t just about the structure, it was the location of the mall, with multiple power and data hubs available. They now have connectivity from every carrier in the Midwest. In fact, both Netflix and Google traffic for the entire region travel through their infrastructure. In fact, it’s the reason that I attended the event with fellow techpreneur Frank Leonard who is helping Lifeline.

Two critical advancements are happening that will consume mass amounts of bandwidth:

  1. Verizon is installing 5G in Central Indiana, mobile technology that can handle up to 4 gigabits per second. Compare that today’s 4G which is 1/1000th of that speed. This means rural regions that don’t have fiber connectivity can be easily upgraded to broadband speeds. In fact, it may be the demise of cable and fiber physical connections to the household.
  2. Internet of Things is gobbling up bandwidth. The global Internet of Things (IoT) market is projected to grow from $2.99T in 2014 to $8.9T in 2020, attaining a 19.92% Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). That’s absolutely phenomenal growth. IoT devices are becoming less and less expensive and pushing more and more data.

I reviewed my router tonight for connected devices in my home and I have 26 connected devices – from Amazon Echo, to Smart Televisions, to even my garage door. While I’m a bit of a geek, I don’t believe the average home will be far off from this in the near future. Virtually every electrical device has connectivity nowadays.

Besides the demand of devices, bandwidth today is accomplishing what roads did over the last two millennia. Roads meant commerce. And today, bandwidth means commerce.

Bandwidth replaces the commute to work, bandwidth replaces the commute to customers, bandwidth is the connection people that require products or services and the people that need products or services. On any given week, I’m working remotely from a coffee shop and collaborating with my animation partner in Columbia, my design partner in Romania, my development partner in India, or my client just up the road. And I accomplish it via bandwidth – not by telephone, flights, or roads.

Agriculture is transforming – with IoT devices monitoring and nourishing our food supply. On Dell Luminaries, we interviewed scientists that installed IoT devices on cattle to monitor their biographical signals. They could actually push the herds to different grazing grounds to influence the quality and output of their milk. And modern vegetable farms are collapsing in size – with vertical farming outproducing traditional lands by optimizing light and moisture.

While modern cities are now the center of commerce, bandwidth provides the opportunity to reverse that trend. No longer do workers need to be in cubicles and towers to get work done. Qualified workers with rock solid bandwidth can work from wherever they want to. This could even reduce the demand for more roads and bigger buildings… since people can efficiently move out to the country and still accomplish every thing they need to.

Manufacturing factories can be located anywhere to build and transport their goods – as long as we have great brandwidth for logistical help to transport the goods. Getting greater bandwidth isn’t about Netflix and YouTube, it’s about building an infrastructure that will help us lead the country economically for the next two-thousand years.


Taking My Downtown Studio Offline and On The Road

About two years ago, I was extremely excited to move my company and our employees into a beautiful office at the newly opened Speak Easy downtown. I’ve had an office downtown for a decade, but this space was epic. I invested in a new podcast studio with state of the art technology. It’s an amazing space that I love.

My business has changed dramatically in that time. Jenn launched her incredible agency, Sapphire Strategy. I decided to shift away from agency deliverables and return to consulting, education, and speaking. I downsized the team to just me, downsized my clients, and optimized my deliverables. While I miss working with my friends in the office, it was a great business shift that’s enabled both personal and financial freedom.

Concurrently, I was given the opportunity to co-host the Dell Luminaries podcast with friend and colleague Mark Schaefer. It’s mostly a remotely recorded podcast, but a few times a year I get to travel and record the smartest minds in tech on location. With my recent bariatric surgery, my health is skyrocketing, and I’m looking forward to attending and speaking at many more conferences in the next year.

With these changes, over the last few months, I’ve only been in my studio and office for a few hours a week. With my regional clients, I travel to see them a few times a week. I have clients I visit in Lawrence, Noblesville, Fishers, and Zionsville. While my office is amazing, the parking and logistics of having guests there is complex, so I find myself working from home far more than going down to the office.

So… why do I have an office downtown? The nuanced answer is exposure and prestige… but the short answer is ego. I have a successful business and having a premium office just a block from the Circle was impressive. But each month that I paid the rent, I questioned the business sense of continuing to pay rent for an office that my clients don’t visit, a studio that I don’t record in, and a location that’s difficult to get to.

For that reason, I’ve decided to close my downtown office and move into my home office. I’m looking forward to redirecting the rent check into some modifications and improvements to my home. And, I love visiting friends, prospects, and clients in and around the city. Two of my clients already invited me to work on location which is a great idea. I’m moving out by the end of October… before the fun of ice and snow, too!

I’m still going to be a member of and continue to support the Speak Easy in addition to other co-working facilities in town. I’ve also put together a go bag with all my podcast equipment, enabling me to conveniently visit and record podcasts on location. I hope to see you soon!

Podcast Studio Alternatives

If your team is looking for a great studio to record at, I have two recommendations:

  • Creative Zombie Studios – Colleague and audio expert Brad Shoemaker has a beautiful studio up on the Northwest side. He’s been an asset and helped me at every turn in my podcasting career.
  • Edge Media Studios – Colleague and fellow marketer Erin Sparks built an impressive studio from the ground up with both audio and video capabilities downtown.

Tell them I sent you!

MarTech Zone Named to the Top 50 B2B Blogs to Follow

Everyone loves recognition and I’m no different. My MarTech publication has been my pride and joy for over a decade now. It lead to my book, my speaking opportunities, and ultimately my agency. And – while you might think that a publication this size makes millions, it doesn’t. My consulting is what pays the bills.

I write posts daily because I love sharing and educating my audience on marketing technology. I feel strongly that my gift is the ability to bridge the gap where creative, talented marketers are and where technology is. Many people are overwhelmed at the pace and the complexity of marketing technology – and rightly so. I happen to love it and enjoy the challenge of both keeping up and dominating in my field of expertise.

The 50 Blogs Every B2B Marketer Should Follow – The blogs on creativity, marketing and technology that I follow religiously by Jason Miller.

So, since the time I spend writing on MarTech isn’t very profitable, it’s the recognition from a company like LinkedIn and an industry leader Jason Miller that makes my day, week, and month! Check out Jason’s post and follow him online. He’s a wealth of information. Oh, and I’m in amazing company… somewhere between Convince & Convert, Social Media Examiner, and Copyblogger… whoa! I’d highly recommend following everyone on the list.

Side note: One of the other reasons I appreciate this recognition as well is that I don’t promote LinkedIn any more than any other platform or company in my industry. For years, LinkedIn has recognized my work while I don’t go out of my way to suck up to them. That’s pretty damn cool!

Side site note: That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t welcome you as a sponsor, LinkedIn! 😉

Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter and podcast!

Douglas Karr: A Recognized Internet Marketing Influencer With Wide Social Reach

In the last few years, I’ve really buckled down on building a great business for myself and developing side projects that have lasting impact. This weekend, for instance, I’m finishing up development of a digital marketing certification program that’s taken months to do. That’s the kind of work that drives results, but doesn’t necessarily keep you in the spotlight.

My public speaking gigs are just a few a year now. Outside of Indianapolis, I don’t speak without being compensated since it requires such an investment of time and resources. Without attending events, having a public relations firm pushing me, or targeting bylines everywhere, I’m simply not front and center in the industry anymore.

There have been other payoffs, of course. A flourishing business, a select number of clients that get my full attention, continued mentoring of my own kids who have entered the workforce and other young entrepreneurs have been real highlights for me. Again… no notoriety for those, but plenty of gratitude. I’m quite happy sticking to the “C-List” of marketers out there. I watch my friends travel schedules and shake my head… I’m just not sure how they do it.

When you’re not competing for the spotlight, you can also be more honest and transparent online about your personal beliefs. I know that’s impacted my growth and acceptance in the marketing industry, but I’d rather be respectful, honest, sincere, and passionate than hide a part of me that is so core to who I am as a human, an American, and a Veteran. It’s why I offer two ways for folks to follow me – either personally, or through the MarTech-branded social accounts.

That said, the recognition I get is always a pleasant surprise. The MarTech publication continues to be an investment that helps over a million readers and listeners a year. The MarTech Interviews podcast series is now averaging over 11k downloads an episode within a few months. With over a decade of investing in both, I’m very proud of how many people and businesses I’ve helped over the years.

This was one heck of a surprise, being listed amongst my top peers in the online Marketing Industry. It’s not often you make a list with folks like Mark Schaefer, Pam Moore, Tony Robbins, Mari Smith, Gary Vee, Guy Kawasaki, Larry Kim, Ann Handley and so many more… wow. You’ll have to scroll down for a while before you find me… but there I am at #54!

Thank you, TechWyse Internet Marketing, for doing all of the research to put this together.

Top Marketing Influencers

MarTech Interviews Podcast Recognized at Salesforce Connections

Our longest running podcast with the most subscribers is, by far, MarTech Interviews. Our most popular episodes are now reaching over 10,000 downloads/listenseach year – a goal I’ve been pursuing for a decade. The episodes aren’t regular because I wait and hand-pick the guests as opportunities arise. I feel as though forcing a weekly episode might lower the quality of the guests and conversation… so sometimes there are gaps of a few weeks between episodes.

Despite its popularity online, it doesn’t get a lot of industry recognition. So when a local colleague, Benji Craig, attended Salesforce Connections and sent me this pic, I had to post it. Salesforce is an incredible company… I have nothing but fond memories of my time at ExactTarget and I’ve helped dozens of Salesforce clients as well as startups in the ExactTarget ecosystem. Let’s face it, I wouldn’t have the career I have without having Salesforce in my history.

That’s one heck of a list to be in the company of – be sure to subscribe:

Thanks Salesforce for the recognition! And give me a call – I’d love to have your team on from time to time.

DK New Media is A Proud Supporter of Computer Science for Indiana

Having our offices at the Speak Easy in downtown Indianapolis was the best decision I’d ever made with my company. Being adjacent to so many leaders in our city that are driving our technology industry has been nothing short of amazing. One company, Nextech, is literally changing the landscape of the state technologically. Their programs are educating teachers on programming and technology so they can bring that to the classroom.

In Indiana’s State of the State Address, Governor Holcomb reinforced his legislative support for K12 Computer Science, specifically stating that Indiana will:

Enact legislation to require every Indiana K-12 school to offer computer science courses—and pay for the teacher professional development.

According to Nextech:

Not only does computer science provide every student foundational knowledge, it also leads to the highest-paying, fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. economy. Here in the Hoosier State alone, there are currently over 4,500 open computing jobs, in every sector, from manufacturing to banking, from agriculture to healthcare, and those jobs average $74,459 in salaries, much higher than the statewide average of $42,940.

CS for INWe’re huge supporters of this initiative and proud to have our company listed along with so many respected technology organizations in Indiana – including Angie’s List, Amazon, AT&T, Carbonite, Clear Object, Clear Scholar, C|Spring, Cummins, DemandJump, Doxly, Emarsys, EmployIndy, Glassboard, High Alpha, iLab, Indiana University, Indiana Chamber, Infosys, Kronos, Lessonly, Lilly, Microsoft, Mobi, Octiv, Nextech, PactSafe, Purdue University, Rook Security, Salesforce, Smart, Studio Science, and Zylo. We’re all supporters of the governor’s vision.

Computer Science for Indiana is an initiative to empower all Hoosier students from kindergarten through high school to learn computer science and be equipped with the computational thinking skills they need to thrive in a digital powered economy and for our nation to remain competitive. be creators in the digital economy, not just consumers, and to be active citizens in our technology-driven world.

We urge all organizations to publicly show they support a vision to accelerate the local efforts in classrooms, unlock opportunity throughout Indiana, and give an answer to all the parents and teachers who believe that every student, in every school, should have a chance to learn computer science.

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Douglas Karr’s Interview: The Startup Community’s Dirty Underwear

Douglas was recently interviewed by fellow Indianapolis Entrepreneur Chris Hoyt on his podcast, Post-Modern Living with Chris “The Brain”. We discussed the things no one tells young professionals about the startup world. We talk about why no one tells stories about failure, the real definition of success (hint: it’s not money), and the things that still don’t work even though it’s 2018.

Be sure to tune in as it’s a no-holds barred conversation on the good, the bad, and the ugly of entrepreneurship and startups.

Listen to the full episode here:

Be sure to check out the full show notes and any referenced links over at Chris’ site.

Oh, and how cool is it to be on a podcast that’s co-hosted by my daughter, Kait Karr!

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