Some of my colleagues that I worked with at ExactTarget years ago are now working for Nextech, an amazing organization. Nextech was founded in 2011 as the ExactTarget Foundation. As the philanthropic arm of software company ExactTarget, the Foundation supported programs that sought to reduce childhood hunger, increase education, and fuel entrepreneurship. Over the course of three years, nearly $410,000 was contributed to 30 organizations impacting tens of thousands of individuals.

Fueled by the widening gap between computer-related employment opportunities and the number of individuals pursuing these opportunities, the ExactTarget Foundation refined its vision and mission in 2015 to focus on narrowing this gap. With this new focus came a new name – Nextech – that encapsulates our passion for developing the next generation of technology pioneers.

Meeting the everyday needs of individuals and businesses at both the local and global levels is increasingly dependent on universal access to technology of all kinds. Developing and maintaining this essential and rapidly evolving technology requires a highly trained and specialized workforce. While the need for this workforce continues to increase, thousands of Hoosier youth lack access to opportunities that can create interest and develop skill sets necessary to fuel their path towards long-term success as well as growth of our communities.

To effectively address this opportunity gap, Nextech believes all K-12 students in Indiana can and should have access to information and experiences that motivate, inspire and encourage them to explore rewarding career paths in technology. By working collaboratively with a growing network of community organizations, educators, corporations and technology professionals, Nextech promotes opportunities for students to gain real-world, tech-sector experiences ranging from participating in an Hour of Code to forming mentoring relationships and completing internships.

On behalf of our clients, DK New Media is supporting Nextech in the Indianapolis 2017 Brackets for Good campaign. We also assisted in hosting the Hoops Happy Hour held at the Speak Easy Downtown. Please support this amazing and needed resource for our community!

A special thanks to our clients, Freedom Pest Control, Innovative Integrations, Lifeline Data Centers, Neverbounce, and Stylie. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to support these initiatives.

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