It’s been a while since I’ve shared some client news. It’s not because nothing is happening, I can assure you! It’s been a huge January. Marty Thompson is currently the CMO at a startup in robotic process automation, Clear Software. Marty and his team have an incredible product that helps automate ERP processes through both front-end and back-end automation.

On the front-end, ClearWork is a highly customizeable user interface that integrates directly with on-premise, software as a service, and third-party APIs. To put it into perspective, one client has over 20 screen changes in an order to cash process initiation. With ClearWork, it’s a single screen. This makes the process simple, easy to teach staff, and more accurate. Check out their use cases where they’re adding millions to their bottom line.

On the back-end, ClearProcess is the other product that comes with their implementation. ClearProcess can filter, modify, and inject data to directly with on-premise, software as a service, and third-party APIs. That means clients no longer have to have other synchronization and data dump processes. Unattended automation processes are seamless.

The two together are referred to as hybrid robotic process automation. Working in parallel, they can consume entire processes and maximize the large investment that companies are making in their ERP.

The implementation for Clear Software has been one of the largest I’ve done in years. Working with Marty, I’ve implemented a WordPress site, Hubspot CRM, Lead Scoring, and Landing Page development, a Terminus ABM implementation, researched the industry and competition, and are helpiing the team produce premier content. All in the last couple months.

The founder and CEO, Jon Gilman, recently wrote an ebook if you’d like to learn more about robotic process automation:

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