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We call it “tech tithing”. We don’t always have the funds to help others, but we do have the talent. Here are some examples of how we give back.

Thanks To My Clients For Supporting All Pro Dad and Coach Tony Dungy

Today was a special day! I sponsored a fundraising event for All Pro Dad and was able to bring clients and partners to the luncheon to hear Coach Tony Dungy speak about the importance of developing strong fathers out there. There are over 20 million children in the United States that are growing up without a father, that’s an incredible number. The results of this are truly frightening, severely impacting the future of those boys and girls.

Special thanks to my clients, without whom this would have been impossible:

  • Amos Exteriors – a family-owned and operated leader in Indianapolis for roofing, siding, gutters, restoration, painting, and windows.
  • Art to Remember – a wonderful company that helps schools raise funds for art classes by printing custom keepsakes with your child’s artwork on it.
  • Freedom Pest Control – a woman-owned pest control company that saw the need for honest, safe, and responsible pest services in the region.
  • Lifeline Data Centers – my longest-running client who has built several data centers and made a huge impact by leading their industry in certifications with innovative, cost-effective facilities.

I also had key guests with me:

  • Ablog Cinema – AJ and his wife run a videography business that works with all of my customers.
  • Agent Sauce – Adam and his wife run a real estate marketing platform and our companies assist one another as much as possible.
  • Howe Leadership – Harry has been critical to my business and a long-time mentor and friend.

I also had my incredible daughter and her best friend, Payton, who is a massive Colts fan!

About All Pro Dad

All Pro Dad is on a mission to help you love and lead your family well. Be a hero to your kids. Join them.

All Pro Dad is a group of people passionately committed to bringing intentional focus to fathers around the world. Their message will inspire you to embrace who you are, give you tenderness of heart, and boldness of character as a dad and husband. They are consistently here for you to provide guidance and practical tips in raising your kids in a life giving way.

DK New Media is A Proud Supporter of Computer Science for Indiana

Having our offices at the Speak Easy in downtown Indianapolis was the best decision I’d ever made with my company. Being adjacent to so many leaders in our city that are driving our technology industry has been nothing short of amazing. One company, Nextech, is literally changing the landscape of the state technologically. Their programs are educating teachers on programming and technology so they can bring that to the classroom.

In Indiana’s State of the State Address, Governor Holcomb reinforced his legislative support for K12 Computer Science, specifically stating that Indiana will:

Enact legislation to require every Indiana K-12 school to offer computer science courses—and pay for the teacher professional development.

According to Nextech:

Not only does computer science provide every student foundational knowledge, it also leads to the highest-paying, fastest-growing jobs in the U.S. economy. Here in the Hoosier State alone, there are currently over 4,500 open computing jobs, in every sector, from manufacturing to banking, from agriculture to healthcare, and those jobs average $74,459 in salaries, much higher than the statewide average of $42,940.

CS for INWe’re huge supporters of this initiative and proud to have our company listed along with so many respected technology organizations in Indiana – including Angie’s List, Amazon, AT&T, Carbonite, Clear Object, Clear Scholar, C|Spring, Cummins, DemandJump, Doxly, Emarsys, EmployIndy, Glassboard, High Alpha, iLab, Indiana University, Indiana Chamber, Infosys, Kronos, Lessonly, Lilly, Microsoft, Mobi, Octiv, Nextech, PactSafe, Purdue University, Rook Security, Salesforce, Smart, Studio Science, and Zylo. We’re all supporters of the governor’s vision.

Computer Science for Indiana is an initiative to empower all Hoosier students from kindergarten through high school to learn computer science and be equipped with the computational thinking skills they need to thrive in a digital powered economy and for our nation to remain competitive. be creators in the digital economy, not just consumers, and to be active citizens in our technology-driven world.

We urge all organizations to publicly show they support a vision to accelerate the local efforts in classrooms, unlock opportunity throughout Indiana, and give an answer to all the parents and teachers who believe that every student, in every school, should have a chance to learn computer science.

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DK New Media Helps Launch Tech Warriors for the Indianapolis Veteran and Technology Communities

DK New Media is proud to be assisting in the Speak Easy’s Tech Warriors initiative, along with the launch of Veteran Cast, a podcast dedicated to helping the Veteran Community.

The Speak Easy, in collaboration with Veterans Services of Indianapolis and the Indiana Veteran Services Committee is launching a new veteran’s initiative for Hoosier servicemen and women interested in joining the local tech sector. Tech Warriors seeks to connect local veterans with opportunities in local tech companies and educate tech leaders on the advantages of hiring veterans.

“Veterans come to the tech workforce with a unique set of skills that distinguish them from other applicants,” said former Indianapolis Mayor Greg Ballard. “Many have worked in highly technical roles, under tremendous pressure. Veterans from each service branch undergo rigorous training and must demonstrate incredible attention to detail. In my work with Indiana veterans, I have seen first-hand the value that veterans bring to the business community.”

As part of its Tech Warriors initiative, The Speak Easy is offering Indiana residents with a veteran’s ID or driver’s license a significant discount on membership with the co-working community. While members normally pay $75 per month, full membership for Tech Warriors will be only $25 per month when they present an active military or veteran indicator on their valid Indiana Driver’s License or Identification Card.

Veterans will also find new programs at The Speak Easy over the next year, as the organization will collaborate with member Douglas Karr of DK New Media on networking, mentorship, and job training opportunities for local veterans. Veterans will also find new programs at The Speak Easy over the next year, as the organization will collaborate with member and Navy Veteran Douglas Karr of DK New Media on networking, mentorship, and job training opportunities for local veterans.

“As the Central Indiana tech sector continues to grow, companies are seeking hundreds of qualified new employees,” said Speak Easy Executive Director Danielle McDowell. “As an engine of economic development in Indianapolis, we will connect local veterans with exciting new opportunities, and offer our Tech Warriors a chance to work with local leaders in tech innovation.”

The Speak Easy will host local veterans at its downtown Indianapolis location for a panel discussion on entering the burgeoning local tech sector or how to grow their own businesses. This panel will feature Marine Corp Veteran John Qualls of Eleven Fifty, Army Veteran Tom Gorup of Rook Security to speak on how military training can help pursue technology careers and panelists to outline specifically how to begin training for these roles. Mayor Ballard and Matt Hall of Veterans Services for Indianapolis will also participate in the forum. Individuals interested in participating in the Tech Warriors program on December 5, 2017:

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Thanksgiving 2017: A Year of Graduations

I’m not sure someone could have had a bigger roller coaster ride than I’ve been on this year! I’ve been truly blessed and want to extend my gratitude to so many people who have supported me. I’m sure I’ll forget someone – but I’ll try to remember them all.

One person had more of an impact than she would ever realize – my Mom. Without her support, I’m not sure where I or my kids would be. I only wish my business didn’t steal so much time from seeing her the last few years.

Let’s announce graduations first:

  • Bill and Katie – My son got his Ph.D. in Math from the University of Illinois, and Katie graduated with her BA in Events and PR… on the same weekend. I’ve been on a cloud ever since… nothing could take me down. My parents and grandparents helped make their schooling possible. As a single father, I didn’t have the resources, and I’m forever thankful to everyone involved from the teachers, friends, and family. Watching my son and daughter working alongside the businesses and entrepreneurs I respect has been awesome. And my daughter-in-law is just an amazing human being and incredible wife. I couldn’t be any more proud of my family.
  • Jenn – Jenn celebrated a few graduations of her own, from moving from my right-hand to getting married and owning her own agency. I always wanted to show my appreciation for Jenn’s dedication these past years. That didn’t happen the way I had pictured it, but the outcome was even better. We had some incredible years and some tough ones. Seeing Jenn blossom as a strong leader, an incredible friend, and now a wife, home-owner, and business-owner has been nothing short of amazing. I was never surprised. I’m so very happy for her and Ryan!
  • AJ – AJ went from a graduate I was introduced to by his Uncle and my friend, Sean, to ramping up his own business. He’s doing excellent video work for everyone in town and is now planning his studio on the Southside.
  • Harrison – Amplify was just some scribbles on the chalkboard, so watching Harrison pursue his vision of what networking should be in Indy is fantastic.
  • Ashley – A single Mom who was interning for me and bartending to make ends meet is now crushing it for the Speak Easy. I used to tell Ashley to relax and stand tall… no one has to say that to her anymore. Everyone loves Ashley!

There are so many folks that I need to thank for helping my business skyrocket this year, too! Harry, Mike & Wendy, Adam & Kim, Danielle, William, Diane, Ioana, Ryan, Stephanie, Lidia, Filip, Andrea, Marty, Randy, Jennifer, Thaddeus, Jason & Chris, Tim, Josh, Matt, Nathan, Ryan, Travis, Nick… all of you had such an impact. And of course, my clients – Korena, Emeric, Mark & Konnie, Alex & Rich, Aman & Amber, Bill & Kelly, Howard & Christine, Brad & Marty.

The reset that I did with the business is working out incredibly well. I let some clients move on this year where there wasn’t a fit, and brought on new clients that are amazing. I’ve upgraded the studio with live video along with 8 new podcast programs (some mine), and I’m helping launch Veterans initiatives with the Speak Easy, city, and state. I’m growing my speaking and training revenue and investing in some solutions I’ve built and partnered on. While I never feel caught up, I’m seeing some amazing leaps and bounds and can’t wait for 2018!

Thank You!

DK New Media: Speak Easy Membership Profile Video

To state that the Speak Easy in downtown Indianapolis is our home may be a bit of an understatement. We love being a resource for the space on everything from rolling out enhancments to their website, wifi network challenges, to providing personal mentoring to some fo the young entrepreneurs there. We now have spread into 2 offices in addition to our podcast studio – which is being transformed into a real-time video studio as well in the coming months. It was really special to get treated by the Speak Easy and Train918 with this incredible spotlight video. Click the play button above to see it in action!

DK New Media Supports Nextech in Brackets for Good

Some of my colleagues that I worked with at ExactTarget years ago are now working for Nextech, an amazing organization. Nextech was founded in 2011 as the ExactTarget Foundation. As the philanthropic arm of software company ExactTarget, the Foundation supported programs that sought to reduce childhood hunger, increase education, and fuel entrepreneurship. Over the course of three years, nearly $410,000 was contributed to 30 organizations impacting tens of thousands of individuals.

Fueled by the widening gap between computer-related employment opportunities and the number of individuals pursuing these opportunities, the ExactTarget Foundation refined its vision and mission in 2015 to focus on narrowing this gap. With this new focus came a new name – Nextech – that encapsulates our passion for developing the next generation of technology pioneers.

Meeting the everyday needs of individuals and businesses at both the local and global levels is increasingly dependent on universal access to technology of all kinds. Developing and maintaining this essential and rapidly evolving technology requires a highly trained and specialized workforce. While the need for this workforce continues to increase, thousands of Hoosier youth lack access to opportunities that can create interest and develop skill sets necessary to fuel their path towards long-term success as well as growth of our communities.

To effectively address this opportunity gap, Nextech believes all K-12 students in Indiana can and should have access to information and experiences that motivate, inspire and encourage them to explore rewarding career paths in technology. By working collaboratively with a growing network of community organizations, educators, corporations and technology professionals, Nextech promotes opportunities for students to gain real-world, tech-sector experiences ranging from participating in an Hour of Code to forming mentoring relationships and completing internships.

On behalf of our clients, DK New Media is supporting Nextech in the Indianapolis 2017 Brackets for Good campaign. We also assisted in hosting the Hoops Happy Hour held at the Speak Easy Downtown. Please support this amazing and needed resource for our community!

A special thanks to our clients, Freedom Pest Control, Innovative Integrations, Lifeline Data Centers, Neverbounce, and Stylie. Without you, we wouldn’t be able to support these initiatives.

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On Indy Style at WISH-TV for Music Tech Indy

This is the third year of Music Tech Indy, an annual fundraiser we hold at the Rathskeller. The Rathskeller donates the facility. Steve Gerardi, a local music promoter, hand selects Indianapolis bands to play the event. Dittoe PR promotes and helps at the event. And DK New Media financially supports the event, promotes it, and – of course – attends.

All the money raised goes to the Indiana Chapter of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for their Man & Woman of the Year Campaign. This year, the two candidates we’re helping with the event are Jake Merrill and Brittany Young.

The event is held this Sunday, rain or shine, at the Rathskeller. If it’s sunny, we’ll open the Biergarten and if it’s raining, we’ll have it in the ballroom. The Kellerbar stage will also be active. Here’s the itinerary:

Raise a drink with friends and dance to some great local #Indy music to raise money for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Indiana Chapter. Live DJ, 6 live bands, Brozinni’s Pizzeria, and every technology company in central Indiana!

Kellerbar Stage

  • 2:30 – 3:30 Ross David
  • 4:00 – 5:00 Sister Threadgoode
  • 5:30 – 6:30 Kevin Franklin

Biergarten/Ballroom Stage

  • 3:00 – 4:00 Top Shelf
  • 4:30 – 5:30 RocKandy
  • 6:00 – 7:00 Cadillac Scott & The Snakehandlers

Over the last 2 years, we’ve raised over $30,000. Tickets are $10 online or $15 at the door. Kids 12 and under are free with an adult. This is a family friendly event!

[ef-button class=”btn btn-lg btn-primary” href=”” title=”Order Tickets from Jake Merrill” target=”_blank”]Order Tickets from Jake Merrill[/ef-button] [ef-button class=”btn btn-lg btn-primary” href=”” title=”Order Tickets from Jake Merrill” target=”_blank”]Order Tickets fromBrittany Young[/ef-button]

This morning, I was interviewed on Indy Style and Jen Edds of Sister Threadgoode sang on the show. Thanks to Dittoe PR for working hard to get us on air! Here’s the video from Indy Style:

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Our Work with Valerie and Sarah’s Great Day

We don’t have a lot of spare time, but when we do we love to help other businesses that are making a difference in our communities. Sarah’s Great Day is a YouTube show with Sarah, and her mother, Valerie. Valerie is both unstoppable and an inspiration. Refusing to put up with the status quo, Valerie is ensuring Sarah lives life to the fullest.

Valerie runs United Media and even takes the extra step of producing Sarah’s show with the assistance of local youth.

United Media uses cutting edge ideas and innovative approaches in traditional and new media to bring awareness about individuals living with disabilities. We strive for inclusiveness and equality in the marketplace and have ventured beyond the limits of traditional media strategy to lead the way to a brighter and more unified tomorrow.

The upcoming season will feature Sarah working out! Be sure to share and subscribe! Here are two episodes to share:

Sarah’s Great Day – Episode 10 – Valentine’s Day Special – Chocolate Lava Cake

Sarah’s Great Day – Episode 13 – Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzel Squares

Site Donation to Indianapolis Pack the Pantries

DK New Media was recognized for the work it did in providing the Indianapolis Pack the Pantries initiative with a new web presence. Pack the Pantries is a city-wide effort that raises awareness about issues of hunger in our community and encourages residents to help their neighbors during the holiday season when the need is greater. All donations benefit Midwest Food Bank and Gleaners Food Bank who provide hunger relief to Indianapolis children and families. The key feature of the site was for visitors to easily find a drop-off location for food donations or to donate via the Givelify widget.