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Corporate Podcasting Services

DK New Media’s State-of-the-Art Digital Podcast Recordings

About Our Services

DK New Media has completed expanding its podcast recording, editing, production, and syndication ervices to further develop the use of audio recording and podcasting for the award-winning Dell Luminaries, the MarTech Interviews Podcast (surpassed 3 million downloads), for their clients’ online marketing efforts, and for other companies to utilize.

With over two decades of experience in new media technologies, DK New Media strengthens its range of solutions with a high quality and powerful audio equipment that’s easily transportable and available to record on site at any location. The system can simultaneously record 6 internal sources, and 2 remote sources (Skype, FaceTime, Phone), or 1 remote source and audio files.

Working with professional sound engineers in the region, my equipment is finely tuned and available to record in virtually any indoor or outdoor environment.

Everything you would expect from a professional recording studio or radio station is available at DK New Media.

Business Offerings

  • Podcasts – recording, mixing, and development. Businesses can just rent the space or have DK New Media and its partners develop, publish and promote their podcast with full assistance.
  • Webinars – our fiber access provides a rock-solid foundation for your webinar needs. Our equipment allows one person to control the screen and slides, another to play audio if needed, and 6 stations for leaders to participate.
  • Audio – if you just need to do some voiceover work and need high-end audio space, stop by and take us for a test drive!

Services are $250 per hour. Full production, publishing, and syndication of your podcast may require an ongoing contract and different fee structure.

Podcasts Recorded by DK New Media