You’ve probably seen me discuss our full podcast studio in downtown Indianapolis. However, next week I’m heading on the road to Dell EMC World to co-host a number interviews for the Dell Technologies’ Luminaries Podcast.

While I’d love to package up my studio and move it to Vegas, that wasn’t really an option. I needed to portable podcast studio that I could put in a suitcase and bring out there with me. A good friend, audiophile, and my #1 source on anything audio is Brad Shoemaker of Creative Zombie Studios. He talked up the Zoom H6. Then Chris Spangle, another podcasting expert, brought down his Zoom and showed it to me. I was smitten.

To reduce the room I needed and to accommodate recording of panels and presentations where the speaker may be walking around, I looked for a wireless microphone setup. I settled on the Shure BLX188/CVL Dual Wireless Lavalier system. I purchased 2 of them at different frequencies to ensure I wouldn’t have any interference between the units.

With the two units, I can set everything up for 4 wireless lavalier microphones and the included microphone. I may purchase some desktop microphones for sit-down discussions in the future, but this is going to work great for now.

I’ll also have a Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone to record everyone on my iPhone as a backup.


Full disclosure: I’m using Amazon Affiliate links in this post and the team at Shure sent me the MV88 to test out and then gave it to me!