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Marketing and Technology Experts

Our Process

Our clients hire us for our expertise, not our headcount. That produces results, not billable hours.

What Differentiates DK New Media?


Our firm is agile and scalable, with an extensive network of professionals that can assist with any marketing or technology challenge. From mobile app development, to big data analysis, to enterprise search engine optimization, we have access to leaders throughout the industry. We don’t churn through clients, we build lasting relationships that provide their business immeasurable value.


Our publication is the leading source for researching, discovering, and learning how to capitalize on marketing technology. Along with an award-winning podcast, mobile application, and email subscribers, we reach more than a million marketers each year through our properties. That provides us the opportunity to not only market your solutions, but also provides you access to engaged readers.


Our marketing capability maturity model allows us to take any stage company and move them forward. We identify gaps and opportunities in their strategies, then work with them to execute solutions. Every effort is measured across the organization to ensure resources are utilized effectively, momentum is made, and business results achieved.

Marketing Capability Maturity Model

We have developed a structured process to increase our clients’ authority online to drive measurable business results.

Market Understanding
Branding & Messaging
Product Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Measured Marketing
Technology Selection
Website Optimization
Content Authority
Social Commerce
Audience Monetization

Professional Development

A foundation of all of our services is the continued professional development of your staff and leadership. We provide these resources in tandem with our strategic consulting process or they can be executed in a standalone training environment.