Project Description

Some of our design and development work has some fun challenges, the new 120WaterAudit site. 120WaterAudit has built an online platform for municipalities and schools to track and test their water. There’s never been a platform to do this in the past – people just did lab testing and then logged the information.

The site needed to be focused on decision-makers who weren’t aware that a system like this existed – part awareness, part portfolio – educating the reader. Working with Isaac Pellerin (again) was incredible as we designed and developed the site to follow and extend their branding. Some of the inner workings:

  • The top of the home page is an HTML5, CSS3 slider – not a hero image. This made it possible to make it responsive, with the targets and call-outs adjusting with the background image of the region.
  • The map is built inline with SVG and we have both classes and some jQuery tips integrated on mouse movement. None of it is hard-coded, the Avada framework code section allows Isaac to add and update state data as needed without contacting a developer.
  • The B2C solutions are still available on the site, but with Shopify buy button integration so that consumers can purchase without ever leaving the site.

The framework enables a lot more changes with dozens of built-in elements for Isaac to design more interaction in internal pages. Here’s the launch point, though!

120WaterAudit WordPress and Shopify