Project Description

If your business hopes to adapt and overcome these challenges, you must adopt an agile marketing process. This isn’t news, we’ve been sharing agile marketing methodologies for a few years now. But as each year passes, the impact of an inflexible marketing process continues to impair businesses more and more. It won’t be long before your business is irrelevant.

Key Performance Indicators have expanded for the digital business, including awareness, engagement, authority, conversion, retention, upsell, and experience. In our latest infographic, we’ve diagrammed the journey that we take our clients through to ensure their success. The stages of our Agile Marketing Journey Include:

  1. Discovery – Before any journey begins, you must understand where you are, what’s around you, and where you’re going. Every marketing employee, hired consultant, or agency must work through a discovery phase. Without it, you don’t understand how to deliver your marketing material, how to position yourself from the competition, or what resources are at your disposal.
  2. Strategy – Now you have the tools to develop a baseline strategy used to achieve your marketing goals. Your strategy should include an overview of your goals, channels, media, campaigns, and how you will measure your success. You will want an annual mission statement, quarterly focus, and monthly or weekly deliverables. This is an agile document that can change over time, but has the buy-in of your organization.
  3. Implementation – With a clear understanding of your company, your market positioning, and your resources, you’re ready to build out the foundation of your digital marketing strategy. Your digital presence must have all the tools necessary to execute and measure your upcoming marketing strategies.
  4. Execution – Now that everything is in place, it’s time to execute the strategies you’ve developed and measure their overall impact.
  5. Optimization – Notice the cool wormhole that we’ve included in the infographic that takes our growing strategy and transports it right back to Discovery again! There is no completion of the Agile Marketing Journey. Once you’ve executed your marketing strategy, you must test, measure, improve, and adapt it over time to continue to maximize its impact to your business.

Keep in mind that this is the overall journey, not a tactical guide to implementing and executing agile marketing strategies. You can find those resources all over the web. We just wanted to illustrate the relationships between core phases of your journey and the factors that must be explored as you’re moving through the cosmos of digital marketing. I hope you enjoy this infographic as much as we enjoyed working on it the last month! It’s the foundation of every one of our client engagements.