Project Description

Explainer videos are extremely popular and effective, but they’re also very complex. Most companies have a brand that’s always relied on still graphics along with content that’s been well thought out for mediums other than video. Video has to capture and keep the attention of the viewer in order to be effective.

A video that just reveals features and adds a call-to-action doesn’t engage the viewer. An effective script has to connect emotionally with the viewer, ensuring that you understand their challenges. In this case, the problem is school fundraising. Many fundraisers require a significant time and energy investment but lack any personalization.

Art to Remember has grown significantly over the years, providing unique lessons for teachers, providing the materials to develop the fundraiser, and then providing a personalized ecommerce site where parents, friends, and relatives can purchase keepsakes with the artwork of the child. Best of all, a percentage of every sale is returned to the school to fund purchasing more art supplies.

The team at Art to Remember is incredible. They’re brand-focused and incredibly detail-oriented. I’ve loved working with them to grow their online presence, with the next step being an entirely new, responsive, and optimized website. Here’s our first explainer video we’ve done for them – with more videos on the way!