Project Description

We love getting great clients like Art to Remember. The company is run by a colleague I worked with many years ago, is Indiana-based, and just does some amazing work. In preschools, private schools, and public schools nationally, art is often an underfunded class. As a business, we think this is terrible since creativity often leads in the needs column for virtually everything marketing related. Art to Remember provides art teachers with a simple turn-key art fundraiser. Teachers do a project with their students, the artwork is sent to Art to Remember, and parents can order any number of items with their children’s schoolwork on it.

Art to Remember has very specific (and beautiful) branding guidelines that were created before we began working with them. While branding and voice aren’t a specialty of ours (we bring in other experts), we crush designing new collateral, digital media sites, infographics, whitepapers and videos that will match those branding guidelines. Here’s the first of many collateral pieces we’re going to develop for Art to Remember:

Art Fundraiser