Project Description

A key client that I’ve been working with for six months now is Clear Software. They provide a unique robotic process automation solution that has two products that work simultaneously to build efficiencies with their ERP clients:

  • Clear Work dramatically simplifies the front-end of ERP processes by collapsing screens and activities significantly. In one client, a 20+ screen process was simplified to a single, unique view. This reduced data entry time, data entry errors, and reduced training costs.
  • Clear Process integrates on the back-end ERPs and can connect to an unlimited number of systems. They have native integrations with SAP, Salesforce, and Oracle EBS, but also connect to any cXML or REST API. Clear Process enables companies to filter, process, and write data from anywhere to anywhere as needed. This is driving both costs reductions as well as increases in revenue because price changes can be accomplished real-time.

The challenge, of course, is how do you visualize these processes instantaneously on a home page? I worked with our animation partners for over a month to identify the appropriate visual and animations. This incredible video is the result (you can find it running in a loop on the Clear Software home page).

The resulting video loop shows both products and visualizes how screens are collapsed and data is transformed and distributed. Of course, we implemented the video in mp4, ogv, and webm formats to properly display in any modern browser. The change has been an instant success!