Project Description

Ecommerce is a highly competitive industry. One of the customers we’ve worked with, HDOSport, has an advantage in the industry. They’ve assembled professional outdoor enthusiasts and built out an online store for all major brands that they recommend. Of course, being a small ecommerce store in a massive industry where virtually every brand can outspend them requires some aggressive strategies. After doing some research on Ski Gear, we identified the question How Much was showing up over and over in searches with respect to ski jackets, ski pants, ski boots, ski layers, etc. So, we researched and designed an infographic, How Much Will Your Next Ski Outfit Cost below.

Be sure to check out HDOSport, where you can buy all your Skiing and Snowboarding needs online at their site.  The infographic details helmet, skull caps, goggles, balaclavas, sunglasses, neck gaiters, day packs, coats, gloves, watches, insulation laters, base layers, beacons, long underwear, pants, and ski bags. We identified price ranges for amateur and professional gear through Google – but you’ll find much better prices at HDOSport.

How Much Does a Ski Outfit Cost?