Project Description

With young companies, consistency and momentum work in tandem to increase brand awareness. If you’re inconsistent, consumers or businesses won’t recognize your brand as you move from print, to web, to webinar, to convention, or even to a business card. It’s essential, especially while you’re growing, that you adhere to a consistent brand and message.

The amazing team at InnovateMap helped Clear Software with their branding, messaging, and product roadmap and I’ve been applying it to everything they distribute – from a new banner for a recent convention. I’m currently working on internal and external sales slide decks to apply the look and feel. While there are a ton of companies that design PowerPoint presentations, I’m surprised at how few build a custom Master Slide Template for the client.

Today, we delivered that to the client so their entire team could build presentations that adhere to the branding guidelines for the company. Fun stuff!