Project Description

Launching your business by submitting the appropriate paperwork isn’t a very exciting event. In fact, it’s a bit underwhelming. But when you get your logo – a visual representation of your business –  it’s pretty exciting.

People who have worked with me over the last few years know how much I enjoy helping them with that process. It’s not a primary business for us, but it sure is fun to go through several iterations until we see the sparkle in someone’s eye when they see what they want.

Derek Sitzman has been a go to for me and my bike since I walked into a shop he worked in a few years ago. He also married a friend of mine, Jenny, who is an amazing leader here in the region. So, when he said he may launch his business – The Cycle Fix – I jumped in to help. Our team put together quite a few iterations until we narrowed it down to one that he really liked.

The Cycle FixIterations included distressing the logo, a horizontal and vertical version, and both black and white background versions. I think it’s a pretty amazing logo – and it tells the story of what Derek does. He’s got an upscale bike business that comes directly to your home to help fix, maintain, or size your bicycle.

It’s a fantastic business idea and I can’t wait to have Derek give my bike a tune-up!

Note: Derek was also on our Off the Circle podcast discussing the bicycle scene in Indianapolis, along with some hidden secrets from the best on where to ride.