Project Description

A WordPress site can be a nightmare if you’re not using a great theme and solidly developed and supported plugins. I’m constantly testing plugins and – often – write our own for specific problems. Plugins tend to be overly developed and can impact the speed of the site, so by utilizing the WordPress API effectively, I can solve distinct problems with a perfect solution.

One issue was that our clients often like to have a menu of child pages within a parent page. A couple of examples:

  • You want to have a job listing page where your job listings are all listed. To add a new job listing, you just add a page beneath the job listing page and it automatically lists the page.
  • You want to have a features page where your products’s features are all listed. To add another feature, you just add a page beneath the job listing page and the list will be updated.

But this doesn’t actually happen automatically in WordPress so I developed the solution for one of our clients, rolled it out to all of our clients… and eventually submitted it to the WordPress repository for approval. WordPress approved the plugin and now it’s being used throughout the web.

Shortcode Usage:

How to List Child Pages in WordPress
Download the List Child Pages Shortcode

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