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Sales Technology Infographic: Mobile Sales Tools

The research is not only compelling, it’s downright absolute. Providing mobile sales tools to your team will enable their ability to sell more. Hence the name sales enablement. Our clients at FatStax have a platform that any field salesperson can use. Walk in to an appointment, play any video, display any graphic, find and send any PDF… all from the palm of your hand. We wanted to put all the critical research into a single document to provide readers with the information they needed to make a purchase decision on FatStax, the mobile sales platform for phone or tablet that will enable their sales.

Mobile Sales Tools




Whatever your team uses to deliver sales information, FatStax gives them instant access. It’s not internet-dependent, so they’re prepared even when they’re off the grid. And unlike products that just drag-and-drop files, FatStax gives you easily organized, fast access, to everything your team needs in the field.