An area of expertise and focus since I opened my business has been search engine optimization. Out of all of the channels, I do not believe any marketing medium has the intent to purchase than that of a business or consumer who is researching their next purchase via search engines.

Even with a poorly constructed site that’s been around for a decade, a company can get relevant traffic and a steady stream of prospects. Of course, an optimized site can even squeeze out more at a fraction of the cost of typical advertising.

That said, I’m disappointed in the number of companies that ignore the health of their website and put that authority at risk. Too many businesses decide to refresh their sites, but ignore the impact that it might have on their organic search visibility. To make things worse, ensuring you keep search engine authority isn’t a line item when working with agencies. In fact, most web design agencies are so focused on aesthetics that they totally ignore the damage they might do to the site’s health.

Below is a chart of a client who came to use who had lost over half of their organic traffic after a dramatic redesign to their site last summer. The work has been pretty grueling but we’re not on track to not only capture the traffic and visibility they used to have, we’ll have it beat within another few months.

SEO Restoration

Some key issues:

  • A number of highly-visible pages were removed from the site with no redirects to new pages.
  • A ton of image resources were no longer available and driving up errors on the site.
  • The site was updated with a secure certificate, but no one went back and corrected mixed-content errors.
  • The mobile version of the site had speed issues that needed to be optimized.

The great thing about search engine authority is that it’s not too late to get your site back in great shape and restore the authority it once had. If you’re having problems with your search visibility dropping, give me a call and we may be able to assist.