In the last few years, I’ve really buckled down on building a great business for myself and developing side projects that have lasting impact. This weekend, for instance, I’m finishing up development of a digital marketing certification program that’s taken months to do. That’s the kind of work that drives results, but doesn’t necessarily keep you in the spotlight.

My public speaking gigs are just a few a year now. Outside of Indianapolis, I don’t speak without being compensated since it requires such an investment of time and resources. Without attending events, having a public relations firm pushing me, or targeting bylines everywhere, I’m simply not front and center in the industry anymore.

There have been other payoffs, of course. A flourishing business, a select number of clients that get my full attention, continued mentoring of my own kids who have entered the workforce and other young entrepreneurs have been real highlights for me. Again… no notoriety for those, but plenty of gratitude. I’m quite happy sticking to the “C-List” of marketers out there. I watch my friends travel schedules and shake my head… I’m just not sure how they do it.

When you’re not competing for the spotlight, you can also be more honest and transparent online about your personal beliefs. I know that’s impacted my growth and acceptance in the marketing industry, but I’d rather be respectful, honest, sincere, and passionate than hide a part of me that is so core to who I am as a human, an American, and a Veteran. It’s why I offer two ways for folks to follow me – either personally, or through the MarTech-branded social accounts.

That said, the recognition I get is always a pleasant surprise. The MarTech publication continues to be an investment that helps over a million readers and listeners a year. The MarTech Interviews podcast series is now averaging over 11k downloads an episode within a few months. With over a decade of investing in both, I’m very proud of how many people and businesses I’ve helped over the years.

This was one heck of a surprise, being listed amongst my top peers in the online Marketing Industry. It’s not often you make a list with folks like Mark Schaefer, Pam Moore, Tony Robbins, Mari Smith, Gary Vee, Guy Kawasaki, Larry Kim, Ann Handley and so many more… wow. You’ll have to scroll down for a while before you find me… but there I am at #54!

Thank you, TechWyse Internet Marketing, for doing all of the research to put this together.

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