When Mark Schaefer invited me to help him with the Dell Luminaries podcast, I knew it was going to be a spectacular opportunity. In our second season, that may be one of the biggest understatements ever!

Working with Mark

I’ve always been a fan of Mark’s, but his relentless pursuit to help companies reveal their humanity has transformed my own clients. Clients who have listened and showed the talent, personality, and empathy within their company via their marketing have succeeded. Those who fought it and relied on jargon and aggressive sales have languished… and I’ve ended relationships with them.

Working with Konnie

Konstanze Alex, a leading, global B2B influencer and leader of Dell’s communications, saw an opportunity with Mark to reveal the humanity behind Dell. In a company that size that’s aligned with tech entrepreneur Michael Dell, there are thousands of stories that can be told every year with leaders in the organization. Konnie had to blaze a trail within the inner workings of a global corporation to make Luminaries happen… and she succeeded. Where adoption and promotion was a struggle last year, this year leaders are asking to be heard and our audience is already asking us to revisit some of our spotlighted leaders. It’s amazing what Konnie has accomplished.

Working our Podcasts

I’ve always enjoyed podcasting over the last decade, but the weight of not letting Mark and Konnie down has raised the bar for my own podcasting efforts.

  • Technically – struggling with location and technology has pushed me into sound engineering deeper than ever. While my team has never complained, sometimes the audio just hasn’t been as good as it could be. Every episode gets better and better, though, and I can’t thank Dell and Mark enough for the patience and support they’ve given.
  • Technique – Konnie gives Mark and me incredible research on every guest. And Mark has held me accountable to dig into that research to find the nuggets that will make every interview worthwhile. It’s made me a better interviewer, better prepared, and that maturity is showing in my other podcasts which continue to grow dramatically every year.

I know I’m a pretty average voice and fairly average engineer, but by pushing me, Mark and Konnie have helped me reach new potential I otherwise never would have.

Working with Dell

Every episode has taught me one thing… digital transformation is more about culture than it ever is about technology. The culture at Dell is aligned in some ways… where innovation and change are a constant pursuit. But the leaders of Dell also have incredible autonomy in the pursuit of innovation.

This Is another lesson that’s helped each and every client of mine. I’ve been better at managing culture than simply deploying campaigns and technology. My clients are transforming their marketing… but also their business.

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