Working with branding expert Thaddeus Rex and technologist Chuck Barnett, we’ve been assisting the amazing discount vitamin store WonderLabs – rebrand and optimize their ecommerce site. The site has been rewritten from the ground up by Chuck’s team with our front-end designs. We’re alreading seeing a lift in organic traffic and mobile conversions with the new designs… and this week the new product labeling is rolling off the production line!

Here’s a photo of their older branding with their flagship valerian root product, Valerin:

valerian root

With Thaddeus’ vision and our design team, the new logo and product labeling is now being applied. The slogan of the company is Freedom is Life – Live with Wonder, following the vision of the owners who always wanted to provide a safe, lab-tested product to those people interested in healthy living. The company itself is incredible – with a fully solar-powered manufacturing facility in the mountains of Tennessee. Most of the employees have been there since the company only did catalog sales and the Internet didn’t exist!

We’re proud of the amazing work we’re doing with the company and looking forward to taking their sales up. American owned and operated, great people, and focused on improving their customers’ lives. When some pet owners reached out for help, they even produced a series of natural products just for pets. You couldn’t ask for a better company to work with!


We’re not just their design, search optimization, and conversion optimization team anymore… we’re now friends and clients.