Sometimes we get handed quite a complex implementation, and the Speak Easy’s site has been one of them. The site was built off of a custom WordPress theme from a custom framework that’s not externally supported. Because of this, we’ve really had to do quite a bit of work to improve the performance of the site, make it accessible to the administrators for editing and upkeep, as well as add new features.

WordPress isn’t a development framework, but it is a structured site with a ton of features and a robust API. If you’re a good WordPress developer, you can produce a fantastic site that’s fast, easy to use, and does the job. More often than not, we find that companies are frustrated with WordPress… not because of WordPress… but because the customized theme and plugins they’re using are terrible. WordPress is only as good as your theme and the plugins you use to extend that theme.

The Speak Easy has some rigid branding requirements and wants to keep the theme they’ve invested so much in. So we’re slowly deconstructing the site and broadening its use of WordPress’ robust API. One feature the Speak Easy wanted was the ability to sell products through the site. Because the theme wasn’t WooCommerce compliant, we had to develop this integration. While not every issue has been resolved, the site is now fully functioning for E-Commerce utilizing WooCommerce, The Speak Easy Shop is live!

  • We customized the menus with a shopping cart.
  • We built out custom WooCommerce shop, cart, product, category, and account pages.
  • We customized e-commerce confirmation emails.
  • We integrated Stripe along with Apple Pay.
  • We added additional e-commerce snippets for better organic search optimization.

The result is a beautiful shop that works seamlessly with the rest of the site. Shoppers have their own account pages with purchase history, and the staff are notified of any orders instantly. We even customized shipping since all products are delivered via the Speak Easy’s locations.