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Your Event Needs A Speaker
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and Proven Results. That’s Douglas Karr.

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Marketing Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Workshops, and Consultation


Short and long-term engagements with corporations to develop their sales and marketing strategies on digital marketing.

Keynotes and Presentations

Douglas Karr has developed proven presentations that will engage, inform, and transform your audience. He’s keynoted national and international events, private corporate marketing offsites, and spoke at virtually every conference in the industry. Additionally, he can offer 1:1 professional development for marketing staff on strategies, processes, and platforms.

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Short and long-term engagements with corporations to develop their sales and marketing staffs on digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Education

Douglas Karr has built both proprietary and open curriculums for national universities and tailored curriculums for national enterprises. Additionally, he offers 1:1 professional development for marketing staff on strategies, processes, and platforms.

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Short and long-term engagements with corporations to select, implement, and maximize their technology investments.

Digital Transformation

Douglas Karr consults directly with clients on a project or ongoing basis to select, implement, and maximize their technology. Additionally, he brings an extended network of professionals to help your team execute when you don’t have the experience internal.

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About Douglas Karr

Douglas Karr has worked in the marketing and technology space now for over two decades, preceded by a decade in the newspaper, direct marketing, and direct mail industries. He’s respected throughout the world as a passionate and relentless marketer who has helped hundreds of companies advance their digital marketing strategies.

Douglas is proud of the following accomplishments:

  • Single Father of two amazing children (now adults). Bill is a data scientist with a PhD in Mathematics. Katherine is a PR and Event Management consultant.
  • United States Navy Veteran who served in Desert Shield and Desert Storm. He’s also the founder of Veterans Media, a 501c3 serving Veterans.
  • Founder of MarTech Zone, a publication and podcast reaching over 1 million visitors and listeners each year.
  • Keynote and Public Speaker who speaks on technology innovation, B2B and B2C buying behavior, and digital marketing.
  • Podcast Co-host of Dell Luminaries, a leading podcast interviewing the greatest minds in technology.
  • Published Author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, the original Content Marketing guide for businesses.
  • Integration Expert and developer, across any platform or language.

Douglas’ approach to working with clients is quite unique. He limits the number of clients he works with at any one time and reserves time for each. Each client pays a monthly fee (not a retainer). Not only does Douglas drive the strategy, he also helps companies overcome internal resource limitations by bringing the appropriate experts in to move them forward.

Whether you’re in need of a CMO for Hire, a trusted digital marketing Advisor, or need a full team to implement your strategy, reach out and Douglas can either help you or refer you to the appropriate resources.

Douglas Karr, CEO and Founder of DK New Media

Douglas Karr’s Latest Videos

Along with my video partners at Ablog Cinema, I’ve been working on a fun series of video where I share my displeasure with some of the more common Myths, Misconceptions, and Rants! Be sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up.

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DK New Media and Highbridge

March 30th, 2020|News|

Many of my friends had already heard the news about Highbridge, but I wanted to formalize the announcement here. A few years ago, I started working aside a couple of Salesforce partners to assist their clients with developing strategies to fully leverage Salesforce, Marketing Cloud, and their other platforms. We [...]

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My Latest Projects

While a majority of my efforts are spent analyzing, providing direction, and educating my clients, I do also execute on deliverables. Marketing teams are often resource shy, so to move my clients forward I do take on executables as needed. Integrations and automation is quite common, as well as content (text, audio, video) and graphic design work. The following are examples of the design work my team has produced.

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