Douglas Karr

Marketer, Speaker, Author, Podcaster

About Douglas Karr

Chief Marketing Officer

Douglas has assumed the role of Chief Marketing Officer for OpenINSIGHTS. OpenINSIGHTS is leader in retail D2C customer insights and customer analytics utilizing machine learning.


Douglas is an respected author, publisher, speaker, and podcaster in the sales and marketing technology industry. Invite him to speak at your next virtual or in-person event.

Digital Transformation

With a keen focus on people, processes, and platforms, Douglas educates business leaders how to transform their organizations with the use of technology.


Doug Karr and his team accomplished the impossible, they partnered with us and had our ecommerce brand and site live and accepting orders in 90 days. This took not only knowledge of their trade (which is a lot) but full dedication from everyone. 

Ecommerce Business Manager

Kristen Pfister

Ecommerce Business Manager

It was an absolute joy to work with Douglas on planning, scheduling, and hosting him as a speaker for ConceptOne. He was such a crowd favorite that we brought him back for an encore keynote the following year. If you are seeking a professional speaker, Douglas Karr is your man!

Conference Organizaer

Korena Keys

Conference Organizer

We engaged Doug both to address specific technical and marketing questions for our project, and to provide an audit and give advice, both tech and content and technique. He was incredibly thorough and detailed, and more knowledgeable than anyone I have ever come across in the field. 


Hunter Hastings