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DK New Media’s employees perform keynotes, training and speak at conferences internationally. We also have developed custom programs for clients.

Podcast Promotion and Syndication Workshop

The Mill in Bloomington had a week of workshops for their business community and I was invited to teach a workshop for The Flyover Podcast Festival. My topic was podcast promotion and syndication in the business track and I was excited to have a packed room of engaged business people – a mix of entertainment podcasters, B2C podcasters and B2B podcasters.


Key to my discussion were methods that were deployed for the Dell Luminaries podcast that landed in the top 1% of all business podcasts listened to on iTunes. The interview-style podcast doesn’t have any of the bells and whistles of other top podcasts – but the focus that our team put on the content and the promotion made the podcast so successful. The process inspired me to do this workshop!

Most podcasts don’t reach their full potential because of two reasons:

  1. The lack of syndication through all available listening channels – from Apps to Websites
  2. The lack of promotion through all available distribution channels – from Email Signatures to Advertising

I walked the participants through each available syndication channel (most of them documented in this podcast host and syndication article) as well as each promotional channel. I also was honest with the audience that the budget and resources that I have to promote my personal podcasts doesn’t compare to that of Dell… so I personally don’t utilize all of these methods. I wish I could… but I simply don’t have the time or budget.

If you’re looking for a speaker for your next conference and you wish to teach the audience about successful podcasting for business results, please let me know! I’d be glad to craft a custom workshop for your target audience or your company that helps educate and motivate your podcast teams to build a world-class program.

Thanksgiving 2017: A Year of Graduations

I’m not sure someone could have had a bigger roller coaster ride than I’ve been on this year! I’ve been truly blessed and want to extend my gratitude to so many people who have supported me. I’m sure I’ll forget someone – but I’ll try to remember them all.

One person had more of an impact than she would ever realize – my Mom. Without her support, I’m not sure where I or my kids would be. I only wish my business didn’t steal so much time from seeing her the last few years.

Let’s announce graduations first:

  • Bill and Katie – My son got his Ph.D. in Math from the University of Illinois, and Katie graduated with her BA in Events and PR… on the same weekend. I’ve been on a cloud ever since… nothing could take me down. My parents and grandparents helped make their schooling possible. As a single father, I didn’t have the resources, and I’m forever thankful to everyone involved from the teachers, friends, and family. Watching my son and daughter working alongside the businesses and entrepreneurs I respect has been awesome. And my daughter-in-law is just an amazing human being and incredible wife. I couldn’t be any more proud of my family.
  • Jenn – Jenn celebrated a few graduations of her own, from moving from my right-hand to getting married and owning her own agency. I always wanted to show my appreciation for Jenn’s dedication these past years. That didn’t happen the way I had pictured it, but the outcome was even better. We had some incredible years and some tough ones. Seeing Jenn blossom as a strong leader, an incredible friend, and now a wife, home-owner, and business-owner has been nothing short of amazing. I was never surprised. I’m so very happy for her and Ryan!
  • AJ – AJ went from a graduate I was introduced to by his Uncle and my friend, Sean, to ramping up his own business. He’s doing excellent video work for everyone in town and is now planning his studio on the Southside.
  • Harrison – Amplify was just some scribbles on the chalkboard, so watching Harrison pursue his vision of what networking should be in Indy is fantastic.
  • Ashley – A single Mom who was interning for me and bartending to make ends meet is now crushing it for the Speak Easy. I used to tell Ashley to relax and stand tall… no one has to say that to her anymore. Everyone loves Ashley!

There are so many folks that I need to thank for helping my business skyrocket this year, too! Harry, Mike & Wendy, Adam & Kim, Danielle, William, Diane, Ioana, Ryan, Stephanie, Lidia, Filip, Andrea, Marty, Randy, Jennifer, Thaddeus, Jason & Chris, Tim, Josh, Matt, Nathan, Ryan, Travis, Nick… all of you had such an impact. And of course, my clients – Korena, Emeric, Mark & Konnie, Alex & Rich, Aman & Amber, Bill & Kelly, Howard & Christine, Brad & Marty.

The reset that I did with the business is working out incredibly well. I let some clients move on this year where there wasn’t a fit, and brought on new clients that are amazing. I’ve upgraded the studio with live video along with 8 new podcast programs (some mine), and I’m helping launch Veterans initiatives with the Speak Easy, city, and state. I’m growing my speaking and training revenue and investing in some solutions I’ve built and partnered on. While I never feel caught up, I’m seeing some amazing leaps and bounds and can’t wait for 2018!

Thank You!

DK New Media: Speak Easy Membership Profile Video

To state that the Speak Easy in downtown Indianapolis is our home may be a bit of an understatement. We love being a resource for the space on everything from rolling out enhancments to their website, wifi network challenges, to providing personal mentoring to some fo the young entrepreneurs there. We now have spread into 2 offices in addition to our podcast studio – which is being transformed into a real-time video studio as well in the coming months. It was really special to get treated by the Speak Easy and Train918 with this incredible spotlight video. Click the play button above to see it in action!

Our Portable Podcast Studio

You’ve probably seen me discuss our full podcast studio in downtown Indianapolis. However, next week I’m heading on the road to Dell EMC World to co-host a number interviews for the Dell Technologies’ Luminaries Podcast.

While I’d love to package up my studio and move it to Vegas, that wasn’t really an option. I needed to portable podcast studio that I could put in a suitcase and bring out there with me. A good friend, audiophile, and my #1 source on anything audio is Brad Shoemaker of Creative Zombie Studios. He talked up the Zoom H6. Then Chris Spangle, another podcasting expert, brought down his Zoom and showed it to me. I was smitten.

To reduce the room I needed and to accommodate recording of panels and presentations where the speaker may be walking around, I looked for a wireless microphone setup. I settled on the Shure BLX188/CVL Dual Wireless Lavalier system. I purchased 2 of them at different frequencies to ensure I wouldn’t have any interference between the units.

With the two units, I can set everything up for 4 wireless lavalier microphones and the included microphone. I may purchase some desktop microphones for sit-down discussions in the future, but this is going to work great for now.

I’ll also have a Shure MV88 iOS Digital Stereo Condenser Microphone to record everyone on my iPhone as a backup.


Full disclosure: I’m using Amazon Affiliate links in this post and the team at Shure sent me the MV88 to test out and then gave it to me!

Podcast: We Discuss MarTech, Content, and Podcast Strategies with Intrepid Media

It’s not often that Jenn and Douglas are on the other side of a podcast, but we had that very opportunity in this podcast with Todd Shnick of Intrepid Media. Todd covered a great array of questions from marketing technology, content, search engine optimization and even podcasting!

You can listen to the podcast here and subscribe at Intrepid Media.

Todd Schnick is a media + business strategist and talk show host + producer. He is a former marketing strategist, national political operative, and lobbyist. Todd has published five books, writes a business + lifestyle column, is a distance runner, and lives in Chicago with his wife Stephanie + family.


Keynote: IU School of Business and Economics on the Customer Journey

We just returned from Merrillville, with I delivered a keynote on the changing Customer Journey. Many industry experts speak to the importance of all of the new media channels online, but it doesn’t paint a clear picture to businesses who haven’t adapted and may still be avoiding new media. Key to convincing audiences like this is not describing the advantages of new media, but the changing behavior of their consumers and businesses.

The keynote was a success. While keeping the conversation light and entertaining, I had an engaged audience. Jenn and I stayed an additional hour after the event to respond to questions personally. We were overwhelmed with how much the audience appreciated the presentation. Upon returning to Indianapolis, we received this incredible note from our host, the Dean of IU School of Business and Economics, Anna S. Rominger:

Dear Mr. Karr,

Thank you so much for providing the keynote presentation, “How New Media is Impacting the customer Journey (and Why It Must not Be Ignored!),” at the 2016 Speakers’ Alliance Luncheon at the Radisson Hotel in Merrillville, Indiana. This luncheon is provided by the Indiana University Northwest School of Business and Economics to an audience of businesses, banks, higher education administrators,  students, hospitals, financial service firms and an energy company.

Your presentation provided timely and critical essential information about how the new media is changing the customer journey. Attendees have responded,  saying this was the best presentation the School has offered. For example –  (“I think it was the best of the series–timely, relevant and very interesting.”)  Your knowledge of the new media and its influence is truly impressive. After hearing your remarks, I am seriously reconsidered our marketing policy and the importance of the use of social media in the marketing efforts of the School of Business and Economics. The strategies you suggested were important for all the organizations present. Even this business- minded  audience  who was torn by their need to return to work stayed in their seats throughout the presentation and enthusiastically asked strategic questions about your recommendations. Your presentation really spoke to everyone who attended the luncheon.  

arThanks. Anna R.
Anna S. Rominger, Dean 

IU Northwest